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In this section we explain how economic fundamentals indicators, such as interest rates, influence FX rates.

Currency Intervention: Risk & Opportunity // 23 Sept. 2011

In my article “Game Changer” ( I discussed the potential for Government funded currency intervention to play havoc with an FX Strategy. And what a difference a couple of weeks makes!! Read more >>

Game Changer // 03 Sept. 2011

Henkel makes an interesting case for the strong European countries (namely Austria, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands) to exit the Euro and to form their own currency. Read more >>

Brazil, Get Real! // 28 Aug. 2011

So we postponed publishing Friday till after Ben Bernanke’s Jackson Hole address on the expectation there might be some juicy commentary to make. As it turns out though, pretty uneventful! No QE3 just yet but to keep us in suspense Bernanke announced that the Fed would consider additional tools to help stimulate a US economic recovery in September…… Read more >>

FX Facts & Stats // 19 Aug. 2011

This week I thought we might just step back and take in a few basic facts and stats for you to ponder over with your FX Strategy. Read more >>

Yankee Doodle Part II // 10 Aug. 2011

It was undoubtedly an interesting time to be in the USA over the last few weeks as the politicians bickered and messed around in Washington as the rest of the world looked on and shook its collective head. Read more >>

Fed to keep interest rates near zero for 2 years // 10 Aug. 2011

Low interest rates in the U.S are nothing new in recent times, however, the Federal Reserve coming out an explicitly stating that rates will remain near zero to mid 2013 is the first time that the Fed has pegged a rate for a defined period. Read more >>

Yankee Doodle // 09 Aug. 2011

Now as you know my kangaroo hop holiday has so far flown me from Australia to New Zealand and on to the USA. And for each leg of my journey we are putting the host nation’s currency under the spotlight. So you would rightly assume that the Yankee Doodle title has been used as some form of parody for the greenback – and you’d be right! Read more >>

Kiwi Dollars // 08 Aug. 2011

As I mentioned in my previous article I’ve been traveling the last couple of weeks. After my first ever visit to New Zealand I can happily report it is indeed a pleasant country just as the travel brochures would have you believe. Read more >>

Volatility in Fx Markets Weekly Wrap Up 5 August 2011 // 05 Aug. 2011

This week saw some of the most volatile times in asset markets, and in turn foreign exchange, since the Global Financial Crisis a couple of years ago. Read more >>

Aussie Dollars // 21 July 2011

As promised last week, we’re taking a look at the AUD this Friday. As a matter of fact I’m on a bit of a kangaroo hop from Australia, to New Zealand, to the USA over the next few weeks - so in the next few articles we’ll put each currency in turn under the spotlight. Read more >>

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