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FX News – December 4: Poor Australian GDP Drags AUD Lower // 04 Dec. 2013

The AUD/USD pair fell yet again despite performing positively yesterday after the RBA's interest rate statement. From trading around the 0.9035 zone yesterday, the pair fell sharply today due to disappointing Australian GDP for Q3. Read more >>

FX News – December 3: JPY Weaker Vs USD, GBP; RBA Statement Up Next // 03 Dec. 2013

The USD/JPY pair continued to soar higher in today's trading after Japan released positive news. Its Monetary Base for November was at 52.5% over a 12-month period, higher than the projected 47.2%, and was also higher than the previous 45.8%. Read more >>

FX News – December 2: Aussie, Sterling Start Out Strong // 02 Dec. 2013

The aussie received a major lift from news in Australia and China to start off December on a positive note. Read more >>

Important Events This Week December 2-6 // 02 Dec. 2013

We finally come to the last month of the year, and this week, there are a number of important news and events we have to watch out for including monetary policy statements from Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the European Union. Read more >>

FX News – November 29: USD/JPY Breaks 102.50 Barrier // 29 Nov. 2013

In today's news, the USD/JPY broke past the 102.50, while the AUD/USD continued to drop. Read more >>

FX News – November 28: AUD/USD Jumps on Positive Australian Capex // 28 Nov. 2013

The market was caught by surprise today when Australia showed a better-than-expected capital expenditure (Capex) data. Read more >>

FX News – November 27: EUR/USD Finishes Strong // 27 Nov. 2013

The EUR/USD finished yesterday's session strong, as it was able to peak at around the 1.3570-1.3575 area. However, the pair opened slightly lower in today's session around 1.3560. Read more >>

FX News – November 26: BoJ Stops Slide // 26 Nov. 2013

The release of the Bank of Japan's monthly policy meeting minutes helped stop the USD/JPY's slide that began yesterday. Read more >>

FX News – November 25: ECB Negative Rate Talks Drags Down EUR/USD // 25 Nov. 2013

While the EUR/USD ended on a positive note last week, it began sliding once again after ECB governing council member Ardo Hanson talked about negative deposit rates. Read more >>

Important Events This Week November 25-29 // 25 Nov. 2013

Expect this week to be a fairly quiet one when it comes to reports and data. That is not to say, however, that there aren’t any significant news coming out in the next few days. Here are some of these that you have to watch out for. Read more >>

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