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FX News – November 22: AUD Slips Further // 22 Nov. 2013

It's been a pretty bad week for the AUD/USD pair as it continued to slide today after RBA Governor Glen Stevens’ statement on the aussie. Read more >>

FX News – November 21: USD Gets Boost on New Taper Talk // 21 Nov. 2013

The EUR/USD pair hovered at around the 1.4000 zone in today's trading as the market awaits important PMI reports coming from Europe. Read more >>

FX News – November 20: Bernanke's Speech Weakens USD // 20 Nov. 2013

The highlight of today's Asian trading is without a doubt Ben Bernanke's speech to the National Economists Club in New York. According to the Fed Chairman, they will continue to maintain "highly accommodative policies for as long as they are needed." Read more >>

FX News – November 19: Aussie Weakens After Release of RBA Minutes // 19 Nov. 2013

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) earlier released the minutes of its monetary policy meeting for November. As expected, it kept the same neutral tone it had in its past statements. Read more >>

FX News – November 8: Euro Drops After ECB Cuts Rates by 25bps // 08 Nov. 2013

In a surprising move, the European Central Bank (ECB) announced yesterday that it would cut interest rates by another 25 basis points. The cut brought down rates to 0.25%. Read more >>

FX News – November 7: Aussie Sinks After Disappointing Employment Data // 07 Nov. 2013

The aussie suffered today after Australia posted huge losses in fulltime employment in October. Based on the data released, 28,000 fulltime workers lost their job during the period. Read more >>

FX News – November 6: EUR/USD, USD/JPY Slide // 06 Nov. 2013

The EUR/USD pair continued its slow and steady slide early in today’s Asian trading. This is still due to the combination of yesterday’s weak data from Europe and positive ones from the US. Read more >>

FX News – November 5: Aussie Regains 0.9500 after RBA Statement // 05 Nov. 2013

Earlier today, the Governor of the RBA said in a statement that the cash rates would remain unchanged at 2.5%. However, the takeaway in the statement for most traders was the mention of the aussie being ‘still uncomfortably high’. Read more >>

FX News – November 4: EUR/USD, GBP/USD Bounce Back // 04 Nov. 2013

The EUR/USD pair bounced back to around the 1.3500 level in today's trading, albeit temporarily. This boost came after it dipped sharply last week amid speculations that the European Central Bank (ECB) would announce further cuts to its interest rate. Read more >>

Important Events This Week November 4-8 // 03 Nov. 2013

As with the previous week, this one will start out quietly, and will only pick up in the middle of the week. This will feature interest rate decisions from the RBA, BoE, and the ECB, as well as employment data from Australia, Canada, and the United States. Read more >>

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