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Important Events This Week October 7-11 // 07 Oct. 2013

The week is bound to start on a quiet note, but it will eventually pick up on Wednesday with reports from Japan and China, and will be capped off with data from Canada and the US on Friday. Read more >>

FX News – October 4: Australia Seen to Raise Rates Soon // 04 Oct. 2013

News from Westpac and RBS hint that Australia might soon follow New Zealand's lead and increase interest rates in the near future. Read more >>

FX News – October 3: EUR/USD Breaks Past 1.3600 // 03 Oct. 2013

The EUR/USD pair continued to rise in today's session, breaking past the 1.3610 level around the early part of the Asian session. Read more >>

FX News – October 2: Aussie Falls on Disappointing Data // 02 Oct. 2013

Disappointing data from Australia sent the aussie plummeting against several currencies, including the greenback and euro. Read more >>

FX News – October 1: USD Falters on Government Shutdown // 01 Oct. 2013

It's just the first day of October and a lot has happened already during the Asian session. The US has partially shutdown its government after failing to reach an agreement on the health care law proposed by US President Barack Obama. Read more >>

FX News – September 30: USD Starts Day on a Weak Note // 30 Sept. 2013

The yen rallied against the greenback in today's Asian session, which was in part helped by the weaker USD. This dragged the USD/JPY pair down from above the 98.00 zone to below 97.90. Read more >>

Important Events This Week September 30-October 4 // 29 Sept. 2013

This week will have a number of interest rate announcements, important data from the EU, and the US NFP data. Check out what’s happening for the week of September 30 to October 4. Read more >>

FX News – September 27: Late Friday Session Updates // 27 Sept. 2013

The greenback remained weak, but was able to drag down the aussie and the euro late in today's session. Check out the details in this post. Read more >>

FX News – September 27: USD Rallies on FOMC Statement // 27 Sept. 2013

The greenback gained strength earlier today after FOMC board member Esther George said that the fundamentals of the US economy has improved significantly. Read more >>

FX News – September 26: Quiet Trading in Europe Today, UK GDP Coming Up // 26 Sept. 2013

The EUR/USD pair has so far hovered between the 1.3510 and 1.3530 zones in today's trading due to the lack of significant data coming from Europe. Read more >>

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