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FX News – September 25: Currencies Struggle Vs Positive USD Sentiment // 25 Sept. 2013

The EUR/USD pair slipped below the 1.3500 over the past few hours and is expected to slip further in the short term due to positive sentiment on the USD. Read more >>

FX News – September 24: Quiet Asian Session Today // 24 Sept. 2013

It has been a quiet session in Asia today due to the lack of significant data and reports. The only exception is the US consumer confidence data, which will come out later today (2:00 PM, GMT). Read more >>

FX News – September 23: Aussie Rallies on Positive Chinese Manufacturing PMI // 23 Sept. 2013

The aussie rallied against the greenback today after the release of the HSBC Manufacturing PMI in China, which rose from the previous 50.9 to 51.2. Read more >>

Important Events This Week September 23-27 // 23 Sept. 2013

It will be a fairly quiet week this week, with most of the essential data coming from Europe. As usual, we shall share with you the details in this post, so check them out. Read more >>

FX News – September 20: USD Makes Recovery // 20 Sept. 2013

The EUR/USD pair has remained flat at around the 1.3535 level in today's trading. This happened after the FOMC meeting on 18 Sept wherein no QE tapering announcement was made, which weakened the greenback. Read more >>

FX News – September 19: EUR, AUD, GBP Gain Vs USD // 19 Sept. 2013

The dovish statement from the FOMC, which decided to maintain its QE programme, has weakened the greenback against the euro during yesterday’s session. Read more >>

FX News – September 17: Aussie Falls Post-RBA Meeting’s Minutes // 17 Sept. 2013

The AUD/USD pair fell early in today's trading as the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) released the minutes of its meeting last 3 September. Read more >>

FX News - September 16: EUR, AUD Gets Boost Vs USD // 16 Sept. 2013

The EUR/USD pair received a major boost today after Larry Summers withdrew from the running for Fed chairman. This left Janet Yellen as the main contender for the position, which would replace outgoing Fed chairman Ben Bernanke. Read more >>

Important Events This Week September 16-20 // 15 Sept. 2013

This week’s the week many traders have been waiting for, since the Fed is expected to announce the beginning of its QE tapering plan. Plus, find out what else is happening this week in this article. Read more >>

FX News – September 10: Positive China Data Boosts Euro & Aussie // 10 Sept. 2013

The EUR/USD and AUD/USD pairs continued their respective ascent in today's trading after China released a series of positive economic data. Meanwhile, a weaker yen led to a higher EUR/JPY pair. Read more >>

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