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FX News – August 26: USD Falls After Disappointing Durable Goods Orders // 26 Aug. 2013

The greenback fell during the European session as the US released disappointing durable goods orders data. Read more >>

Important Events This Week August 26-30 // 26 Aug. 2013

Last week’s Jackson Hole Symposium failed to provide the clear signal traders have been anticipating with regards to QE tapering. There might be clues, however, in some of the data that’s coming out of the US this week. Read more >>

FX News – August 23: USD/JPY Surges, AUD/USD Flat, More Taper Talk // 23 Aug. 2013

The USD/JPY continued its surge that began on Wednesday, while the AUD/USD remained flat today. Plus, how soon can we expect QE tapering to happen? Read more >>

What You Need to Know About the Jackson Hole Symposium // 22 Aug. 2013

If you're keeping track of economic events this week, you've likely heard of the Jackson Hole Symposium that began on Thursday. We'll discuss it in this article, particularly on why this year's symposium is important. Read more >>

FX News - August 22: EUR/USD Goes Through Volatility, AUD Drops // 22 Aug. 2013

As expected, the EUR/USD pair experienced a lot of volatility after the release of the FOMC minutes. Meanwhile, the AUD struggled against the USD and JPY despite positive Manufacturing PMI from China. Read more >>

FX News – August 21: USD/JPY, AUD/NZD, AUD/USD News, Plus FOMC Minutes // 21 Aug. 2013

Check out how the USD/JPY, AUD/NZD, and the AUD/USD performed so far in today's Asian session. Plus, find out what to expect during the release of the FOMC minutes later today. Read more >>

FX News – August 20: AUD/USD, USD/JPY Make Quick Jumps // 20 Aug. 2013

The AUD/USD and USD/JPY pairs made quick jumps, but both failed to maintain their respective highs. Find out why in this article. Read more >>

FX News – August 19: EUR/USD Hovers at 1.3300, GBP/USD Rallies // 19 Aug. 2013

The EUR/USD has so far maintained trading at the 1.3300 level, while the GBP/USD continued its rally above 1.5600. Check out the details in this article. Read more >>

Important Events This Week August 19-23 // 19 Aug. 2013

Check out some of the top fx events for this week with data coming from Germany, the UK, and Canada. Read more >>

FX News – August 15: AUD, USD, GBP, EUR Updates // 15 Aug. 2013

The AUD/USD, GBP/USD and EUR/USD pairs enjoyed a strong start in today's Asian session. Check out the details in this report. Read more >>

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