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What is Quantitative Easing? // 19 July 2013

If you have been following the fx market over the past few months, chances are that you have heard traders talk about the USD Federal Reserve's plans to "taper its QE" within the year. But what does the statement mean exactly? Read more >>

FX News – July 19: Massive Sell-off in Nikkei Futures, RBA Might Cut Rates to 2% // 19 July 2013

There were massive sell-offs in Nikkei futures today leading to weaker greenback and yen. Meanwhile, the RBA might cut rates further to 2% in the coming months, according to Westpac. Read more >>

FX News – July 18: No Big Impact from Bernanke Testimony // 18 July 2013

Fed Chairman Bernanke's testimony yesterday didn't make a big impact as it only echoed previous statements from the Fed. Check out this article for details. Read more >>

FX News – July 17: EUR/USD, AUD/USD Slip, USD/JPY Rises, and Bernanke Speech Later Today // 17 July 2013

The EUR/USD and AUD/USD slipped while the USD/JPY rose early in today's trading. Plus, traders anticipate Ben Bernanke's speech later today. Read more >>

FX News – July 16: AUD Recovers, EUR/USD Stays Flat // 16 July 2013

The aussie has made a slight recovery against the greenback and the euro after the less-than-dovish minutes of the RBA meeting. The EUR/USD, meanwhile, remained flat in this week's trading. Read more >>

Important Events This Week July 15-19 // 15 July 2013

Find out what the important events are for the week of July 15-19. Read more >>

FX News – July 12 // 12 July 2013

The AUD/USD fell in today's trading after disappointing data from the EU and China. Plus, updates on the EUR/USD and GBP/USD at the start of the European trading. Read more >>

FX News – July 10 // 10 July 2013

See how the USD/JPY, AUD/USD, EUR/AUD, and the EUR/USD fared so far in today's trading. Read more >>

FX News – July 9: Aussie Drops After China Data // 09 July 2013

In its report released today, NAB said that the expected rate cut in Australia might come earlier due to the poor economic performance of the country. Read more >>

Important Events This Week July 8-12 // 08 July 2013

Know what's going to happen in the fx market this week with this report. Contains important events from the EU, Japan, and Australia. Read more >>

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