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How News Affect Forex Trading // 22 March 2013

Want to know how announcements affect forex trading? Read this article for more information. Read more >>

2 Harmful Myths About Automated Trading // 21 March 2013

Automated traders or bots have a place in the market. The only thing is that these bots are surrounded by myths that could harm the chances of success of any budding trader, so let us get those out of the way. Read more >>

The USD: This Week So Far // 21 March 2013

The USD took a heavy beating this week after announcements from the Federal Reserve failed to encourage confidence in the still-struggling US economy. Read more >>

Forex Trading Tips: E-Currency 101 // 19 March 2013

Unless you have considered using e-currency, let us share with you a number of its characteristics and advantages in this article. Read more >>

Trading Tips: Trading the EUR/USD // 18 March 2013

Since its introduction in 1989, the currency pair of the euro and the US dollar (EUR/USD), has become one of the most popular pairs among traders of different levels of experience. Find out why it's popular and how you can win by trading the EUR/USD. Read more >>

Important Events This Week Mar 18-22 // 18 March 2013

Want to know what are the major events for this week? Click on this article to find out. Read more >>

Understanding Wave Analysis // 14 March 2013

While it may sound like something a marine scientist would do, wave analysis is one of the most basic and therefore most important aspects of forex. So whether you are a novice or a seasoned trader, you will find yourself referring to wave analysis in making trade decisions. Read on for more. Read more >>

AUD Continues Surge // 13 March 2013

The Australian dollar continued its rise this week, particularly against the USD and the GBP. Read more >>

Understanding Trends in Forex // 11 March 2013

Yesterday, we talked about some of the biggest events of the coming week. We also mentioned how important it is to keep track of announcements as these could affect the market in the coming days, or even weeks. Today, we talk about trends. As with trading stocks, currencies go through trends. In basic terms, a trend is the direction the foreign exchange market is taking. Successful traders learn to recognise these trends to enable them to make sound decisions, whether it is to buy, sell, or hold. Read more >>

Events to Watch Out This Week, Mar 11-15 // 11 March 2013

FX is a dynamic marketplace. It can be volatile too. The thing is that things could change easily depending on developments in the market, particularly those that directly affect major currencies. Because of that, it is important to keep track of important events that could dictate the mood of the market in certain parts of the world. We will help you keep track of some of those events for this week. Read more >>

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