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Beginners Guide to FX // 12 March 2012

Here at FX Strategy we aim to bring you the latest news and FX strategy from all corners of the globe. Opportunities present themselves in all sorts of places and in all sorts of ways so we believe it is important to be on top of everything. Read more >>

China’s Rising Wage Costs // 11 March 2012

Recently we discussed with readers some of the issue facing Australia and the lofty AUD FX rate -in particular we highlighted the rising cost of living in Australia. Click here if you need to refresh your memory or missed it. Read more >>

Swiss Bank Intervention? // 28 Feb. 2012

In a number of videos over the past 3 months we have looked at the EUR/CHF with a view to possible upside in that cross pair due to Swiss National Bank (SNB) intervention. Read more >>

Beware of a Greek Head Fake // 28 Feb. 2012

For global markets, the past week has been an opportunity to rally thanks to the Greek bailout “deal”. We use the work “deal” sceptically as we have serious reservations that what occurred in Brussels truly amounts to a silver bullet. Read more >>

Can the AUD go higher? // 26 Feb. 2012

For two weeks in a row now the Australian Dollar (AUD) has failed to break through its resistance level of $1.08 with the USD. Read more >>

Dollar Versus Euro and Franc February 22nd // 21 Feb. 2012

EUR/USD rose in reaction to the Greeks getting their bailout as the "risk on" trade came back. The USD/CHF pair is often thought of an the inverse of EUR/USD. Read more >>

Dollar Versus Yen and Aussie February 22nd // 21 Feb. 2012

The USD/JPY pair continues to push towards the 80 level as the Bank of Japan's announcement of extended bond purchases weakens the Yen overall. The pair will face stiff resistance, but the area is one of the biggest areas on any FX chart. The longer-term trend could be decided as a result. The AUD/USD fell on Tuesday at the risk sentiment drifted a bit after the Greek bailout. The Aussie has closed the gap - and more. Read more >>

GBP’s Bogus Adventure // 15 Feb. 2012

We’ve spoken at length at FX Strategy about identifying the safe haven currencies of the future as we question whether the currencies of the past will ultimately retain their status. As we have reported on many occasions as well, we are not alone here but in the company of some very smart FX operators such as Jim Rogers and George Soros. Read more >>

BRL Carnivale // 15 Feb. 2012

The famous celebration of Carnivale in Brazil occurs 40 days before the Christian event of Lent. Hence Carnivale usually takes place around February each year. Read more >>

FX Market Overview // 15 Feb. 2012

There has been so much going on in FX markets of late that we thought this week we would do a brief sum up of some of the major events shaping our FX Strategy at the moment. Read more >>

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