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Technical analysis articles

A collection of technical analysis articles to help you trade FX profitably. We look at all the major chart pattersn that have a proven track record in predicting future FX movements.

What’s a Head and Shoulders Pattern? // 16 April 2013

In technical analysis, you will often hear traders talk about the head and shoulders pattern. But what do they mean exactly when they talk about that? Read more >>

A Quick Introduction to Technical Analysis // 26 March 2013

If you wish to gain an upper hand in the forex market, then you need to be able to predict how prices and trends will move. Knowing the direction that the market would take would then help you decide accordingly on what action you need to take. Read more >>

Understanding Wave Analysis // 14 March 2013

While it may sound like something a marine scientist would do, wave analysis is one of the most basic and therefore most important aspects of forex. So whether you are a novice or a seasoned trader, you will find yourself referring to wave analysis in making trade decisions. Read on for more. Read more >>

Can the AUD go higher? // 26 Feb. 2012

For two weeks in a row now the Australian Dollar (AUD) has failed to break through its resistance level of $1.08 with the USD. Read more >>

Euro cannot accelerate despite Swiss National Bank intervention. // 31 Oct. 2011

As we explained to in our EUR/CHF video a few days ago, the recent gains in the EUR/CHF may not necessarily indicate that there is significant strength in this pair just yet. The reason for this is that most of the buying of this pair has been done at the hands of the Swiss National Bank who has stated that a EUR/CHF rate below 1.2 is not tolerable. Read more >>

AUD/NZD trending upwards? // 03 Sept. 2011

As was outlined by Chris last week in his AUD/NZD video the pair could be looking to move higher. It’s shaping up as a head and shoulders bottom with support shown at the 1.254 level by the chart. The AUD/NZD tends to be a “grinding pair” in that large significant moves are rare given the economies are so closely linked together. Read more >>

Pennant Pattern // 11 May 2011

A pennant pattern is a continuation pattern that marks the continuation for the prevailing trend, after a brief pause. Read more >>

Flag pattern // 10 May 2011

Flag patterns are commonly used to indicate the continuation of the prevailing trend. Often they occur after sharp price again in one direction and represent a brief pause in momentum before the eventual continuation of the rally upwards or downwards. Read more >>

The Accumulation Swing Index (ASI) // 09 May 2011

The accumulated Swing Index is a complex trend/momentum indicator first developed in 1978 by J. Welles Wilder, Jr. It was developed for the futures market for stocks indexes, but we have made a number of modifications to the indicator to make it applicable to the FX market as well. Read more >>

Bollinger Bands // 05 May 2011

Bollinger bands are a popular technical analysis indicator that is helpful in tracking short-term momentum for a particular FX cross currency. They are also used in stock, commodity and index trading as well. Read more >>

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