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A collection of technical analysis articles to help you trade FX profitably. We look at all the major chart pattersn that have a proven track record in predicting future FX movements.

Double Bottom Pattern // 27 April 2011

A double bottoms pattern is the inverse of a double top pattern. When such a pattern forms, it is a strong signal that a downtrend is reversing. A double bottoms starts with a prolonged downtrend, followed by a rise and then another drop to about the same level as the original low of the downtrend. Finally, we see another substantial rise from the second low. The double bottom patter should eventually emulate the letter "W". Read more >>

William’s %R indicator FX trading // 18 April 2011

The Williams %R indicator is a well known momentum indicator that was created by Larry Williams. The aim of the indicator is to measure how close a cross currency is trading to its high over the past n number of days. The theory behind the indicator is that the closer a cross currency is to its high the more overbought it is. Conversely, the close to the low, the more oversold it is. Read more >>

MACD technical Indicator FX Trading // 17 April 2011

In this article we discuss the use of the MACD indicator in FX trading, for some practical examples of how the indicator works as well as a little more description on how the indicator works, please watch the video at the bottom of this article. Read more >>

Head and Shoulders Bottom // 12 April 2011

One of the most profitable FX trading patterns is the Head and Shoulders Bottom. A true Head and Shoulders bottom is a tell-tale sign to mark the end of a significant downtrend and the beginning of a new uptrend upon completion of the formation. The pattern is very distinctive and easy to recognise and is one of the most popular of all trading patterns. Read more >>

Double Top Pattern // 10 April 2011

Double Tops are an important part of any Forex Trading Strategy as they can provide an early indication that the current trend is changing direction from an uptrend to a downtrend. A typical double top starts with a prolonged rise in price for a currency, followed by a drop and then another rise to about the same level as the original rise. Finally, we see another substantial drop off from the second high. The double top pattern should eventually emulate the letter "M". Read more >>

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