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EUR/AUD Articles

FX News – Feb 13 2014: AUD Plummets on Poor AU Jobs Data // 13 Feb. 2014

The aussie took a bad hit in today's Asian session as Australia posted worse-than-expected jobs data. Read more >>

FX News – Jan 30 2014: AUD Weaker on Soft Chinese PMI // 30 Jan. 2014

The aussie's woes are far from over and continues to be sensitive against the Chinese economy, as the AUD/USD pair slid after the release of the softer-than-expected HSBC Manufacturing PMI from China. Read more >>

FX News – October 2: Aussie Falls on Disappointing Data // 02 Oct. 2013

Disappointing data from Australia sent the aussie plummeting against several currencies, including the greenback and euro. Read more >>

FX News – July 31: Aussie Continues Slide, USD/JPY Stays at 98.0 // 31 July 2013

The aussie continued to slide in today's trading after RBA Governor Glenn Stevens said that a weaker AUD would be better for the Australian economy. Read more >>

FX News – July 30: Aussie Falls Sharply After Housing Data Release // 30 July 2013

The AUD/USD pair slid sharply below the 0.9200 level early in today's trading after Australia's building approvals data fell in June. Read more >>

FX News – July 24: AUD & JPY Fall on Weak Chinese PMI // 24 July 2013

The aussie and the yen fell in today's trading after China announced weak PMI data. Read more >>

FX News – July 16: AUD Recovers, EUR/USD Stays Flat // 16 July 2013

The aussie has made a slight recovery against the greenback and the euro after the less-than-dovish minutes of the RBA meeting. The EUR/USD, meanwhile, remained flat in this week's trading. Read more >>

FX News – July 10 // 10 July 2013

See how the USD/JPY, AUD/USD, EUR/AUD, and the EUR/USD fared so far in today's trading. Read more >>

EUR Gains Vs. Several Majors // 15 April 2013

The trade balance data recently released by the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) helped lift the Euro against a number of major currencies in the market. Read more >>

Can a change in Greek Prime Minister really affect the EURO? // 04 Nov. 2011

A historic day in Europe beckons today as it will decided whether the Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou, will remain in office. Papandreou is facing a confidence vote over his handling of the bailout plan. Failure to endorse his position is in a sense opposition to Greece cooperating with the bailout plan, at least in the short-term. Read more >>


Euro Versus Dollar and Aussie November 3rd // 02 Nov. 2011

EUR/USD had a positive day for the Wednesday session, but it shouldn't have come as a surprise after the massive fall earlier in the week. EUR/AUD acted very much the same. Play video >>

Euro Versus Dollar and Aussie November 1st // 31 Oct. 2011

EUR/USD fell hard during the Monday session as the EU's bailout deal faces more and more scrutiny. EUR/AUD looks absolutely horrible. Play video >>

Euro Versus Yen and Aussie October 24th // 21 Oct. 2011

EUR/JPY has been stuck in a tight range over the last 4 days, going back and forth form 105 and 107. The market is currently waiting for the weekend's EU summit to pick a direction. EUR/AUD is sitting at 1.34 currently, and the market seems to be doing the same thing it is in the EUR/JPY pair - waiting. Play video >>

Aussie Versus Kiwi and Euro October 20th // 19 Oct. 2011

AUD/NZD has been on an absolute tear over the last couple of weeks, but the Wednesday candle suggests that it could be running out of steam for the short-term. The EUR/AUD looks as if it is trying to form a base at the 1.34 level. Play video >>

Euro Versus Yen and Aussie October 18th // 18 Oct. 2011

EUR/JPY fell hard during the Monday session, and now threatens the 105 mark. EUR/AUD is a great "risk on" / "risk off" currency pair. The pair will actually rise when there is concern, as the EU is considered "safer" than Australia. Play video >>

Euro Versus Aussie and Kiwi August 24th // 23 Aug. 2011

EUR/AUD is a great barometer for global risk, and as it falls - it shows that traders are getting rid of the Euro for the more risky Australian dollar. The gap that was formed a couple of weeks ago is being retested, and we think a break below the 1.36 level should be a signal that this pair falls much farther. The EUR/NZD pair looks like the 1.75 level has repelled the bullish action as the world is feeling better about taking risk, and therefore wants to take on the Kiwi dollar. The 1.70 level is one that could be supportive, and if it gives way - we fall down to 1.60 before it is all said and done. Play video >>

Euro Versus Franc and Aussie August 22nd // 19 Aug. 2011

The EUR/CHF pair continues to sit just under the 1.15 area, and is now looking a little weak. However, we haven't gotten a large candle or shooting star or the like to sell - but we are watching at this level as the situation in the EU is getting more and more bleak. Even with the SNB working to lift this pair, the weight of the market will more than likely be too much in the end - just like it was when they intervened around the 1.38 handle. The EUR/AUD pair is a great barometer of risk aversion in the markets. While there is a trade here - if we break below the gap, the reality is that this pair will tilt towards the EUR when the world is nervous, and towards the AUD when the markets are in bull mode. Because of this - it's an important pair to watch. Play video >>

Aussie Versus Yen and Euro August 15th // 12 Aug. 2011

The AUD/JPY seems to have found a backstop in the form of the 77 level. The pair is backstopped mainly because the Bank of Japan recently intervened, and the world is on edge about buying the Yen much lower as the BoJ has made it clear that it is ready to do it again. A break over 80 could see this pair run to 84.25 or so in the next few days. The EUR/AUD had a nice bounce, but is starting to look very tired at these levels. The bug figure has held, and now we are looking more and more like an island reversal. This is rare, and a deadly accurate signal if it can happen. None the less, we feel that this pair has some downside potential. Play video >>

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