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EUR Gains Vs. Several Majors // 15 April 2013

The trade balance data recently released by the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) helped lift the Euro against a number of major currencies in the market. Read more >>

Swiss Bank Intervention? // 28 Feb. 2012

In a number of videos over the past 3 months we have looked at the EUR/CHF with a view to possible upside in that cross pair due to Swiss National Bank (SNB) intervention. Read more >>

Could the Euro be a long term play? // 13 Nov. 2011

Things have gone real bad in Europe for a very long time. The issues in Greece and Italy are a legacy of bad financial policy over a number of years. But change is in the air. Read more >>

EURO pairs remain steady after Berlusconi vows to resign // 09 Nov. 2011

Pairs involving the Euro have remained relatively steady following Silvio Berlusconi’s announcement that he is planning to quit once the austerity plans in Italy have been formalised. Markets are taking their time to digest the news with an initial small rally towards the Euro, followed by a pullback in morning trading in Europe today. Read more >>

Euro cannot accelerate despite Swiss National Bank intervention. // 31 Oct. 2011

As we explained to in our EUR/CHF video a few days ago, the recent gains in the EUR/CHF may not necessarily indicate that there is significant strength in this pair just yet. The reason for this is that most of the buying of this pair has been done at the hands of the Swiss National Bank who has stated that a EUR/CHF rate below 1.2 is not tolerable. Read more >>

EURO remains bearish despite Greek Bailout // 26 June 2011

The EURO, which has been batted against other major cross currencies, has been given a reprieve after the European Union announced it was going to bail out the Greek economy for the second time. The second bailout is again expected to top 100 Billion EUROs. Read more >>


Euro Versus Franc and Yen January 13th // 12 Jan. 2012

EUR/CHF fell during the Thursday session as the market continues to test the patience of the Swiss National Bank. EUR/JPY rose during the session as the relief rally in the Euro was seen on multiple fronts. Play video >>

Euro Versus Franc and Yen November 14th // 11 Nov. 2011

EUR/CHF had another bullish day on Friday, and is now knocking on the door of 1.24, which is the beginning of a massive resistance area all the way up to 1.25 or so. EUR/JPY looks like it is still weak, and one has to wonder whether or not the pair is projecting underlying weakness in the Euro as a whole. There are certianly plenty of reasons to be skeptical of the Euro at this point in time. Play video >>

Euro Verus Dollar and Franc October 31st // 28 Oct. 2011

The EUR/USD pair has had a remarkable few days. The Friday session saw a slight pullback as the euphoria from Thursday subsided a little. The EUR/CHF pair continues to look rather flat. This wouldn’t be surprising if the Euro was falling against its major counterparts, but it isn’t. In a pair that the other currency is being actively weakened by the central bank of that country, why isn’t this pair rising? Play video >>

Euro Versus Dollar and Franc October 27th // 26 Oct. 2011

EUR/USD had a fairly volatile day on Wednesday as rumors completely took over the financial markets around the world. EUR/CHF had a bearish day, and then bounced - to form a green hammer. This shows that the pair "wants" to rise Play video >>

Euro Versus Dollar and Franc October 26th // 25 Oct. 2011

EUR/USD found itself going back and forth in a range on Tuesday, but ending the day slightly bearish. EUR/CHF continues to fall, even though the Swiss National Bank is threatening intervention if the markets fall below 1.20, just 200 pips away. Play video >>

Euro Verus Dollar and Franc October 20th // 19 Oct. 2011

EUR/USD rose in the starting hours of the Wednesday session, but got absolutely pummeled as it approached the 1.3850 resistance area. The 1.3850 - 1.40 area is going to be massively resistive, and it looks like the market is getting more and more jittery before the EZ summit over the upcoming weekend. EUR/CHF looked to break out on the session on Wednesday, but failed and formed a shooting star. This pair continues to be supported by the Swiss National Bank below. (1.20) Because of this, we are wanting to buy the pair, but only if the EU summit goes well. Play video >>

September 5th Long-Term Charts // 03 Sept. 2011

The EUR/USD pair fell hard during the week, but still finds itself stuck within the 1.45 - 1.40 confines. This pair looks very range bound, and should continue to be until we get some kind of decisive break out of the range. If we break 1.45 on a daily close - it looks like a buy. If we get a daily close below 1.40 - it looks like a sell. Very simple at the moment really. EUR/CHF continues to whip around, and found itself in a 1,000 pip range for the week! The 1.20 level is obviously very resistive, and the 1.10 level is obviously supportive. Until we close outside of this range, we may find this pair very difficult to trade. It should be noted that when a trend changes, it gets quite messy. This is starting to (somewhat) look like that. USD/JPY finds itself being supported at the 76.50 area. The fact that the market is so bearish, and yet this level holds like a rock makes us wonder if the Bank of Japan isn't intervening in a clandestine way? The pair looks flat, and will be a scalper's market for the time being. Play video >>

Euro Versus Dollar and Franc September 2nd // 01 Sept. 2011

EUR/USD has broken a "rising wedge" on the daily chart with the recent plunge. But with all of the minor support and resistance areas, this pair has been quite choppy. The Non-Farm Payroll report will more than likely throw this pair around for the session. The pair will more than likely do what it has done over the last several NFP Fridays, bounce around, but close fairly unchanged. EUR/CHF is a much different picture, as it is approaching the 1.13 level. The 1.13 area giving way to the downside would lead to a fall to 1.10, and then perhaps parity. The pair won't be bought by us until we clear the all-important 1.2000 level - which would signal a massive change in sentiment. Play video >>

Euro Versus Dollar and Franc September 1st // 31 Aug. 2011

EUR/USD fell for a second day on Wednesday as traders started to focus on EU debt issues again. The 1.4350 area is just below, and has produced a reaction every time it has been approached recently. Because of this, we fell that selling at this point is dangerous, unless we get a daily close below it. A buy order doesn't make sense until we get well above the 1.4550 area. The EUR/CHF pair fell on Wednesday, stopping right at the 1.15 level - an area that has been very resistive recently. The area should hold as support, and if it does - we need to watch the 1.20 level for signs of a break out. The breaking of the 1.14 level would have us selling. Play video >>

Franc Versus Pound and Euro August 29th // 26 Aug. 2011

GBP/CHF has broken the 1.30 area, and now is pressing the 1.32 level. The 1.32 area looks like resistance area that has to be taken out. The pair looks very strong, and the SNB is willing to support it - so there is no reason to fight them on it. EUR/CHF has broken above the 1.15 area, and quite convincingly on Friday. The 1.18 is the next resistance level, and it appears that we are heading straight there. The market has bounced quite hard recently, but to be honest - this move is very small considering the strength of the downtrend in this pair for the last few years. Play video >>

Euro Versus Franc and Dollar August 25th // 24 Aug. 2011

The EUR/CHF pair has several interesting things going on at once. A triangle has been broken to the upside, and a hammer has been formed as well. The 1.15 level seems to be putting a cap on this pair for the time being, but the pair looks like it wants to go higher. It might simply be a move by proxy as the SNB still sits below. A break below the hammer turns it into a "hanging man", and is very bearish. A close on the daily chart above 1.15 gets us very bullish. The EUR/USD pair is currently stuck just under the 1.45 level. The area looks like it is going to be very difficult to best. However, the Fed announcement this Friday from Jackson Hole, Wyoming will be listened to closely for any hints of "QE3" out of the US. If there is, the EUR/USD pair should finally break above that mark. If not - this pair could fall. More than likely, this market will be very tight until that news conference. Play video >>

Euro Versus Franc and Aussie August 22nd // 19 Aug. 2011

The EUR/CHF pair continues to sit just under the 1.15 area, and is now looking a little weak. However, we haven't gotten a large candle or shooting star or the like to sell - but we are watching at this level as the situation in the EU is getting more and more bleak. Even with the SNB working to lift this pair, the weight of the market will more than likely be too much in the end - just like it was when they intervened around the 1.38 handle. The EUR/AUD pair is a great barometer of risk aversion in the markets. While there is a trade here - if we break below the gap, the reality is that this pair will tilt towards the EUR when the world is nervous, and towards the AUD when the markets are in bull mode. Because of this - it's an important pair to watch. Play video >>

Euro Versus Dollar and Franc August 16th // 15 Aug. 2011

EUR/USD continues to rise on Monday, but the pair is in a holding pattern until the notes and announcement from Sarkozy/Merkel meeting are released. The pair have to find some kind of solution to the European debt issue, and if they don't - this pair will get ugly in short order. However, if they do, we could see a rise above the 1.45, which would signal a flag-based move to 1.65 or so! The EUR/CHF pair rose to the 1.15 mark as there is talk of a currency peg by the SNB. However, the pair failed to break through, and now looks weak at these lofty levels. A break of Monday's lows could send this pair to 1.10 in a matter of hours. Play video >>

Franc Versus Pound and Euro August 12th // 11 Aug. 2011

The GBP/CHF shot straight up during the Thursday session as a member of the SNB was quoted as suggesting that a peg to the Euro is one possibility to help stem the rise of the Franc. Of course, this isn't a policy decision, and it isn't official business, so one feels that it is only a matter of time before we see a continuation of the selling pressure. We are currently eying between this area and 1.25 as an excellent place in which to sell if we get bearish action. The EUR/CHF pair is doing much the same move. The level that we are approaching is the 1.10 area, and we feel that any bearish action will be sold and sold hard. The trend is still down, and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Play video >>

Euro Versus Franc and Dollar August 10th // 09 Aug. 2011

EUR/CHF continued its massive fall on Tuesday, as traders simply "ran for the hills" during the Asian session. The markets did eventually calm down in general, but the pair never really bounced like the riskier ones did. The pair actually came within 60 pips of parity, and as such - we think it will have very little trouble getting there in the near future. We like selling rallies, especially at the 1.05 and 1.07 areas. The EUR/USD pair is one of the most vulnerable pairs to headline risk currently. Because of this, we can only rely on the technical set ups, and we are presently watching a downward channel. However, it should be said that this is one of our least favorite pairs to trade at the moment. Play video >>

August 8th Long-Term Charts // 05 Aug. 2011

The long-term charts are showing us several different things presently.... The EUR/USD almost looks like it is in a bullish flag pattern, even with all of the EU troubles in the debt markets. The potential S&P downgrade of the US might be a factor in this move, but we are still waiting to see a break of the 1.45 area to go long. If we get below 1.40 - we sell. In the meantime, we are looking for choppy short-term moves at best. The EUR/CHF continues to fall, and has broken the 1.10 area as investors keep sending their money into Switzerland, and leaving Europe. The pair shows that the EUR isn't necessarily strong, (despite the EUR/USD chart) and that perhaps it is the USD that is so weak. The USD/CAD pair skyrocketed during the week, and it appears that we will attempt a break out of the 0.98 level, but this pair is certainly in a downtrend. We see nothing to suggest that the trend will change anytime soon. Play video >>

Euro Versus Yen and Franc August 5th // 04 Aug. 2011

The EUR/JPY pair was pushed much higher on Thursday as the Bank of Japan intervened by selling the Yen during the Asian session. By the time the day closed out, we saw about 90% of those gains erased. The fear out there in the markets make the Yen very attractive as it is a safe haven currency. Because of this, we think the BoJ is in real trouble, and are willing to sell rallies. The EUR/CHF continues to make fresh lows, and as such - we are selling yet again. Anytime this pair rallies - we are selling. If we make another new low - we are selling. Play video >>

Euro Versus Franc and Kiwi August 3rd // 02 Aug. 2011

EUR/CHF has absolutely fallen apart again. However, selling here is only chasing the trade. We are waiting for a bounce to sell from, and until we get it - this trade will be difficult to trade. The EUR/NZD pair has been falling rapidly over the last several months. The pair actually bounced today, and looks ready to test the 1.65 area, which is a natural area for resistance to come into play. Play video >>

Euro Versus Dollar and Franc August 2nd // 01 Aug. 2011

EUR/USD fell on Monday, even after popping higher. The low on Monday could be a place in which more selling gets triggered as the pair will almost certainly switch focus from the US debt deal to the European bond issues once the bill is signed in DC. The EUR/CHF par fell off of a cliff on Monday, but did manage to bounce. The 1.10 was nearly tested, and it seems that we will almost certainly see that level again. The bounce should be nothing more than another selling opportunity, and as such - we are waiting for some kind of rally - assuming this pair can do that. Play video >>

August 1st Long-Term Charts // 29 July 2011

The EUR/USD has formed what could be considered a bullish flag. However, there are many issues in Europe that are managing to stay out of the headlines, such as the rates in Italy and Portugal's bonds going back to the pre-deal levels in Europe. The EUR/CHF pair is absolutely horrible looking. The pair has found itself testing 1.13, which is 1,000 pips from where it started July. This pair continues to fall, and looks like it will reach 1.10, and then probably make a run towards parity. The USD/CHF pair has finally broken the 0.80 mark, and now looks to run to 0.75 as the debt talks in DC continue to hamper the USD......add to that this pair is in a massive downtrend, and we won't be buying it anytime soon! Play video >>

Franc Versus Dollar and Euro July 21st // 20 July 2011

USD/CHF shows signs of going lower, but there is that pesky 0.82 level that is showing that it might cause a bounce around the rectangle pattern area. The EUR/CHF shows signs of strength, but only as much as it takes to psuh it up towards our next level to sell from. Play video >>

Euro Versus Franc and Yen July 20th // 19 July 2011

EUR/CHF surged as traders bought risk on Tuesday. However, the 1.18 area is just above - and this would be a perfect spot to short if we get bearish action. EUR/JPY is currently sitting still. We are looking at a specific level to short this pair Play video >>

July 18th Long-Term Charts // 17 July 2011

When we look at the weekly long-term charts, we see several different things at once. Looking at the USD/CHF, it is easy to see the world is running to the Franc again. EUR/USD looksl ike it is setting up for several different moves at once, and therefore is difficult to trade. EUR/CHF looks like it is going to keep plunging, and the bottom is nowhere in sight. EUR/GBP looks like a lot of trouble waiting to happen. Play video >>

Euro Versus Dollar and Franc June 24th // 23 June 2011

The EUR/USD fell hard, and bonced as word got out that the Greeks and the IMF/EU may have reached some kind of agreement....EUR/CHF fell hard because of the words of Mr. Trichet referring to all ofthe "red lights' that are currently flashing in the EU from Play video >>

Euro Versus Franc and Pound June 22nd // 21 June 2011

The EUR/CHF pair found itself forming another hammer just above the all-important 1.20.....The EUR/GBP looks strong, but let us not forget it is currently stuck in a box of sorts. Play video >>

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