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FX News - May 13 2014: Euro Tumbles on Poor ZEW Data // 13 May 2014

The euro tumbled in today’s trading as the ZEW Surveys for Germany and the European Union came out poorly. Read more >>

FX News - April 15 2014: Mixed ZEW Survey Drags Down EUR // 15 April 2014

The EUR/USD pair took a nosedive under the 1.3800 area today after the release of the mixed ZEW Survey. The EUR/GBP pair was also affected by the result of the survey, as well as the positive series of data that came out of the United Kingdom earlier. Read more >>

FX News – November 5: Aussie Regains 0.9500 after RBA Statement // 05 Nov. 2013

Earlier today, the Governor of the RBA said in a statement that the cash rates would remain unchanged at 2.5%. However, the takeaway in the statement for most traders was the mention of the aussie being ‘still uncomfortably high’. Read more >>

FX News - October 25: GBP Up on Positive UK GDP, EUR Down // 25 Oct. 2013

Germany's disappointing IFO data for October dragged down the EUR/USD pair in today's trading. From 104.2, expectations fells to 103.6, which was lower than the expected 104.5. Read more >>

FX News – August 7: Forward Guidance Talks Weaken GBP // 07 Aug. 2013

Today's biggest fx news is without a doubt the Quarterly Inflation Report by Bank of England Governor Mark Carney. He is expected to discuss in detail his plan for 'forward guidance' later at 9:30AM GMT. Read more >>

FX News – June 19 // 19 June 2013

Today's announcement from the BoE declared no change in the interest rate, and also decided to keep stimulus at £375 billion. Read more >>

EUR Gains Vs. USD, Other Currencies // 17 April 2013

The EUR/USD pair is currently on a bullish trend reaching almost the 1.320 level. Read more >>

EUR Gains Vs. Several Majors // 15 April 2013

The trade balance data recently released by the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) helped lift the Euro against a number of major currencies in the market. Read more >>

EUR Dips as the AUD Strengthens // 02 April 2013

Today hasn't been a good day so far for the EUR, as it dipped against a number of major currencies. Read more >>

Cypriot Banks to Remain Closed Until Thursday // 26 March 2013

Contrary to earlier reports, all banks in Cyprus will remain closed until Thursday, 28 March, including the two biggest ones, Laiki Bank and the Bank of Cyprus. Read more >>

GBP’s Bogus Adventure // 15 Feb. 2012

We’ve spoken at length at FX Strategy about identifying the safe haven currencies of the future as we question whether the currencies of the past will ultimately retain their status. As we have reported on many occasions as well, we are not alone here but in the company of some very smart FX operators such as Jim Rogers and George Soros. Read more >>

EURO remains bearish despite Greek Bailout // 26 June 2011

The EURO, which has been batted against other major cross currencies, has been given a reprieve after the European Union announced it was going to bail out the Greek economy for the second time. The second bailout is again expected to top 100 Billion EUROs. Read more >>


July 18th Long-Term Charts // 17 July 2011

When we look at the weekly long-term charts, we see several different things at once. Looking at the USD/CHF, it is easy to see the world is running to the Franc again. EUR/USD looksl ike it is setting up for several different moves at once, and therefore is difficult to trade. EUR/CHF looks like it is going to keep plunging, and the bottom is nowhere in sight. EUR/GBP looks like a lot of trouble waiting to happen. Play video >>

Euro Versus Franc and Pound June 22nd // 21 June 2011

The EUR/CHF pair found itself forming another hammer just above the all-important 1.20.....The EUR/GBP looks strong, but let us not forget it is currently stuck in a box of sorts. Play video >>

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