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FX News - May 13 2014: Euro Tumbles on Poor ZEW Data // 13 May 2014

The euro tumbled in today’s trading as the ZEW Surveys for Germany and the European Union came out poorly. Read more >>

FX News – September 10: Positive China Data Boosts Euro & Aussie // 10 Sept. 2013

The EUR/USD and AUD/USD pairs continued their respective ascent in today's trading after China released a series of positive economic data. Meanwhile, a weaker yen led to a higher EUR/JPY pair. Read more >>

FX News – September 4: AUD Rises Vs JPY, USD; GBP/JPY Stays Flat // 04 Sept. 2013

The AUD/USD and the AUD/JPY pairs continued to trade on the upside since yesterday's RBA announcement. Meanwhile, the GBP/JPY, the pair has remained largely flat throughout the week after rallying on Monday. Read more >>

FX News – July 26: EUR/USD Trades at 1.32, Seen to Reach 1.35 // 26 July 2013

The EUR/USD pair has shown an impressive run in this week's trading, peaking at just below the 1.3300 level late in yesterday's US trading. Analysts expect the pair to test the 1.34/1.35 levels soon. Read more >>

FX News – July 23: USD Drops, JPY Gains; EUR/USD Could Break 1.3250 // 23 July 2013

The combined strength of the yen and the weak greenback caused the USD/JPY and the EUR/JPY to slide further early in today's Asian session. Meanwhile, the EUR/USD pair is seen to break beyond the initial resistance at 1.3250. Read more >>

FX News – July 9: Aussie Drops After China Data // 09 July 2013

In its report released today, NAB said that the expected rate cut in Australia might come earlier due to the poor economic performance of the country. Read more >>

FX News - June 18: AUD Falls Vs. USD, Volatility Expected on Wednesday // 18 June 2013

The AUD fell against the USD in today's Asian trading after the release of the RBA's minutes. Plus, EUR news and Wednesday's FOMC meeting. Read more >>

FX News – May 31: USD Slides Further, Positive Data from Japan // 31 May 2013

The greenback slid against several majors today after the release of disappointing US GDP figures. Read more >>

USD/JPY Remains at 102.20, Plus EUR/USD, EUR/JPY News // 16 May 2013

The USD/JPY pair has so far remained at a little over 102.20 in today's session, the same position it was during at the opening of the Asian session yesterday. Read more >>

Majors Up VS JPY, EUR/USD Moves Sideways // 22 April 2013

Currencies paired against the JPY are currently seeing gains after last week's G-20 meeting. Read more >>

EUR Gains Vs. USD, Other Currencies // 17 April 2013

The EUR/USD pair is currently on a bullish trend reaching almost the 1.320 level. Read more >>

EUR Gains Vs. Several Majors // 15 April 2013

The trade balance data recently released by the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) helped lift the Euro against a number of major currencies in the market. Read more >>

EUR Dips as the AUD Strengthens // 02 April 2013

Today hasn't been a good day so far for the EUR, as it dipped against a number of major currencies. Read more >>


Euro Versus Franc and Yen January 13th // 12 Jan. 2012

EUR/CHF fell during the Thursday session as the market continues to test the patience of the Swiss National Bank. EUR/JPY rose during the session as the relief rally in the Euro was seen on multiple fronts. Play video >>

Euro Versus Franc and Yen November 14th // 11 Nov. 2011

EUR/CHF had another bullish day on Friday, and is now knocking on the door of 1.24, which is the beginning of a massive resistance area all the way up to 1.25 or so. EUR/JPY looks like it is still weak, and one has to wonder whether or not the pair is projecting underlying weakness in the Euro as a whole. There are certianly plenty of reasons to be skeptical of the Euro at this point in time. Play video >>

Euro Versus Dollar and Yen November 2nd // 01 Nov. 2011

EUR/USD fell hard again during the Tuesday session as the market continues to express fears in the European debt markets. EUR/JPY continues to crater, even with the Bank of Japan's recent intervention. In fact, this pair is falling faster than most now, and it appears the intervention will undoubtedly fail soon. Play video >>

Yen Versus Dollar and Euro November 1st // 31 Oct. 2011

USD/JPY rocketed during the Monday session as the Bank of Japan intervened to weaken the Yen. The EUR/JPY has retraced more than half of the intervention candle already. Play video >>

Euro Versus Yen and Aussie October 24th // 21 Oct. 2011

EUR/JPY has been stuck in a tight range over the last 4 days, going back and forth form 105 and 107. The market is currently waiting for the weekend's EU summit to pick a direction. EUR/AUD is sitting at 1.34 currently, and the market seems to be doing the same thing it is in the EUR/JPY pair - waiting. Play video >>

Yen Versus Euro and Loonie October 21st // 20 Oct. 2011

EUR/JPY produced a hammer on Thursday, after forming a shooting star on Wednesday. This shows that the 105 level wants to hold as support CAD/JPY looks very similar, and we expect it to behave much the same as the EUR/JPY. Play video >>

Euro Versus Dollar and Yen October 19th // 18 Oct. 2011

EUR/USD had a wild day during the Tuesday session as headlines continue to push this pair around. The EFSF was rumored to be about to get a 2 Trillion Euro boost, but that rumor has been turned around. The resulting candle for the day is a doji, which sets up a simple trading signal. The EUR/JPY pair continues to sit just over the 105 mark, and looks like it is entering a phase of consolidation as traders continue to digest the possible scenarios coming out of the EU over the next several sessions. Play video >>

Euro Versus Yen and Aussie October 18th // 18 Oct. 2011

EUR/JPY fell hard during the Monday session, and now threatens the 105 mark. EUR/AUD is a great "risk on" / "risk off" currency pair. The pair will actually rise when there is concern, as the EU is considered "safer" than Australia. Play video >>

Euro Versus Yen and Dollar October 12th // 11 Oct. 2011

EUR/JPY approached the 105 level, and area that has been resistive on Tuesday. The pair failed to break through, and even sold off a little towards the New York close as the Slovaks have rejected the EU bailout fund. The vote was expected, but the fact that it sold off anyway shows just how nervous people are. EUR/USD had a fairly quiet day as the 1.37 level continues to keep prices down. The gap from a couple of weekends ago was formed at this level, and continues to keep a lid on the Euro. Because of this, we are still bearish of the Euro. Besides - there are simply far too many potential problems with the EU to own this thing. Play video >>

Euro Versus Kiwi and Yen August 19th // 18 Aug. 2011

EUR/NZD rose on Thursday as fear crept back into the markets. The global sell off was swift and brutal on Thursday, and we saw many of the European indices shed over 5%. The pair shows how the world feels about risk, with the NZD gaining, or this pair falling, when traders feel better about taking risk in the markets. With the 1.75 area approaching, we feel that this pair should be watched for any signs of weakness on Friday - perhaps in the form of a shooting star or long red candle. If we get that, we won't hesitate to sell this pair. If we close above this level on the daily chart, we could see 1.80 for it is all said and done. The EUR/JPY pair fell on Thursday, but the Bank of Japan is sitting below and waiting for the markets to make a move. Because of this, the fall was a little more muted than one would have expected during a massive sell off like we had on Thursday. We think this pair can be shorted - as the Bank of Japan doesn't worry so much about it, but if you choose to do this - you MUST keep an eye on USD/JPY. If it fall s too fast, the BoJ will get involved. If they do that, the Yen will get sold off against the major currencies. It is a dangerous cross to play at the moment, but watching it can give you a great barometer of the world's risk appetite. If we get a supportive candle at the close on Friday - we will not hesitate to buy as well. 110 is a MASSIVE area that should be watched. Depending on the Friday close, we could get a longer-term signal. Play video >>

Yen Versus Dollar and Euro August 18th // 17 Aug. 2011

The USD/JPY pair did something on Wednesday that it hasn't done lately - it stayed down. The previous candles have all bounced slightly to form hammers. This could signal that the pair is ready to fall again, but this isn't a free market presently. The Bank of Japan looks to intervene (in our opinion) if the pair falls below 76. The EUR/JPY formed a doji just above the 110 level on Wednesday, and gives us an easy signal to follow.....if we break above the range of the Wednesday candle - we buy. If we break below - we sell. Of course, if the BoJ intervenes it will be a direct result of the USD/JPY falling, so make sure it isn't melting down when you put a position on. Play video >>

Euro Versus Yen and Franc August 5th // 04 Aug. 2011

The EUR/JPY pair was pushed much higher on Thursday as the Bank of Japan intervened by selling the Yen during the Asian session. By the time the day closed out, we saw about 90% of those gains erased. The fear out there in the markets make the Yen very attractive as it is a safe haven currency. Because of this, we think the BoJ is in real trouble, and are willing to sell rallies. The EUR/CHF continues to make fresh lows, and as such - we are selling yet again. Anytime this pair rallies - we are selling. If we make another new low - we are selling. Play video >>

Euro Versus Franc and Yen July 20th // 19 July 2011

EUR/CHF surged as traders bought risk on Tuesday. However, the 1.18 area is just above - and this would be a perfect spot to short if we get bearish action. EUR/JPY is currently sitting still. We are looking at a specific level to short this pair Play video >>

Yen Versus Dollar and Euro June 21st // 20 June 2011

The USD/JPY pair bounces off of the 80 level yet again, showing how important the support are really is. We could see a scalper's market being formed. The EUR/JPY has started to form a massive consolidation area, between the 113.50 and 117.50 areas. The 115 will serve as some kind of "midpoint" in this pair. Play video >>

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