A collection of articles, vidoes and analysis on the GPB/JPY currency pair a pair that is only moderately traded.

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GBP/JPY Articles

FX News – Jan 16 2014: Dismal AU Employment Data Drags AUD/USD to 0.88 // 16 Jan. 2014

The aussie tumbled against the greenback in today's trading as Australia posted dismal employment data earlier today. Read more >>

FX News – January 9 2014: Aussie Continues Dive VS USD // 09 Jan. 2014

The aussie took another nosedive against the greenback around the opening of today's Asian session. This came after disappointing Building Permits data for November. Read more >>

FX News – December 3: JPY Weaker Vs USD, GBP; RBA Statement Up Next // 03 Dec. 2013

The USD/JPY pair continued to soar higher in today's trading after Japan released positive news. Its Monetary Base for November was at 52.5% over a 12-month period, higher than the projected 47.2%, and was also higher than the previous 45.8%. Read more >>

FX News – October 11: GBP/USD, AUD,NZD, GBP/JPY Get Boost in Asian Session // 11 Oct. 2013

After dropping sharply on Wednesday, the GBP/USD pair received a slight boost late on Thursday's session. This was after the Bank of England announced no changes in its interest rates and its asset purchase program. Read more >>

FX News – August 27: Currencies Drop Vs Yen // 27 Aug. 2013

Yen buying picked up today amid talks that the White House might strike Syria in a day or two upon President Barack Obama's orders. The strike is said to be due to the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict. Read more >>


Yen Versus Dollar and Pound November 4th // 03 Nov. 2011

USD/JPY continues to float in the neighborhood of 78, and the latest intervention seems to have pinned the price up here. GBP/JPY had a bit of a bounce on Thursday as the Pound got a bid in general. Play video >>

Pound Versus Dollar and Yen October 25th // 24 Oct. 2011

GBP/USD smashed into the 1.60 level on Monday, and then fell a bit. GBP/JPY looks like a pair that is finding a slow healthy "grind" upward. Play video >>

Pound Versus Dollar and Yen October 18th // 18 Oct. 2011

GBP/USD has fallen with the "risk off" trade coming back into vogue on Monday. GBP/JPY is in a similar situation. Perhaps the 120 will give us clues as to the direction for the pair over the next few weeks? Play video >>

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