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FX News - June 19 2014: USD Slips After Fed Event // 19 June 2014

The greenback slipped against several majors after the Federal Reserve revealed its decision to maintain its interest rate at 0.25 per cent, while at the same time cut its QE program by $10 billion. Read more >>

FX News - June 9 2014: AUD, NZD Get Boost on Quiet Asian Session // 09 June 2014

The aussie and the kiwi were winners in today’s Asian session. This is after a relatively quiet start of the week, with no significant events in coming up in the horizon. Read more >>

FX News - May 29 2014: AUD/USD Jumps, NZD/USD Slides // 29 May 2014

The AUD/USD pair jumped up today after the release of Australia’s New Home Sales and Private Capital Expenditure Data. Read more >>

FX News - Apr 11: Risk Off in Today’s Trading Drags Down Aussie // 11 April 2014

And just like that, the AUD/USD pair returned to the sub-0.9400 area. This happened as the market’s risk appetite waned in today’s Asian session. Read more >>

FX News - Mar 20 2014: AUD, NZD Fall Vs USD After FOMC Statement // 20 March 2014

The AUD/USD pair dropped sharply early in today’s Asian session after the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) decided to revise its yuan reference rate yet again. Read more >>

FX News - Mar 11 2014: Market Reacts to NAB Data, BoJ Event Coming Up // 11 March 2014

The National Australia Bank (NAB) released Australia’s Business Confidence and Conditions during today’s Asian session, which came out lower than previous figures. Read more >>

FX News – Jan 31 2014: AUD/USD Returns to 0.88, NZD/USD Drops // 31 Jan. 2014

The AUD/USD pair is showing signs of recovery after being battered yesterday due to the weak Chinese Manufacturing PMI. Read more >>

FX News – Jan 30 2014: AUD Weaker on Soft Chinese PMI // 30 Jan. 2014

The aussie's woes are far from over and continues to be sensitive against the Chinese economy, as the AUD/USD pair slid after the release of the softer-than-expected HSBC Manufacturing PMI from China. Read more >>

FX News – Jan 23 2014: Poor Chinese PMI Drags Down AUD, NZD // 23 Jan. 2014

The AUD/USD pair fell once again after China revealed a drop in its PMI in January. It came out at 49.6 this month versus 50.5 in December, and against analysts' expectations of a rise to 50.6. Read more >>

FX News – Jan 21 2014: NZD Gets Boost from Positive NZ CPI // 20 Jan. 2014

New Zealand's better-than-expected Consumer Price Index (CPI) figures helped boost the NZD against a number of major currencies early in today's trading. Read more >>

FX News – Jan 14 2014: AUD, JPY, NZD Perform Well VS USD // 13 Jan. 2014

The AUD/USD pair closed on a strong note for the first time in a month during yesterday's session. The pair closed above the 0.9000 zone, a level not seen since mid-December 2013. Read more >>

FX News – Jan 13 2014: US NFP Continues to Weaken USD // 13 Jan. 2014

The poor US Nonfarm Payrolls data rocked the market last week, which led to a weaker greenback across the board. The number came out at 74k, which was far lower than the projected 200k. Read more >>

FX News – January 6 2014: EUR, GBP Open Weakly VS USD in Asian Session // 06 Jan. 2014

The EUR/USD pair opened on a weak note in today's Asian trading at somewhere around the 1.3580 level. One of the reasons for this is the continued weakness of the European Union's (EU) economy as a whole. Read more >>

FX News – December 19: Fed Announces QE Taper, Market Reacts Positively // 19 Dec. 2013

The Fed finally announced that it would cut its bond purchases by $10 billion starting in December. However, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said that the pace would remain data-dependent. Read more >>

FX News – October 16: DXY Tumbles, Recovers // 16 Oct. 2013

The US Dollar Index (DXY) ended its healthy run during yesterday's US session. This was after the US government showed no signs of any end to its stalemate on the issue of health care. Read more >>

FX News – October 2: Aussie Falls on Disappointing Data // 02 Oct. 2013

Disappointing data from Australia sent the aussie plummeting against several currencies, including the greenback and euro. Read more >>

FX News – August 14: EUR, JPY, USD, GBP & NZD Updates // 14 Aug. 2013

Find out which currencies rose and which ones fell so far in today's trading session. Read more >>

FX News – July 25: AUD Continues Slide Vs USD, GBP; NZD/USD Climbs // 25 July 2013

The AUD/USD continued yesterday's slide up to the start of today's Asian session, while the GBP/AUD pair has made considerable gains over the past 24 hours. Finally, the NZD/USD rose after the RBNZ statement. Read more >>

Majors Up VS JPY, EUR/USD Moves Sideways // 22 April 2013

Currencies paired against the JPY are currently seeing gains after last week's G-20 meeting. Read more >>

Important Events This Week Apr 22-26 // 22 April 2013

The week is set to start out fairly quietly although we can expect activities to ramp up as it progresses due to several major releases later in the week. Read more >>

Events to Watch Out This Week, Mar 11-15 // 11 March 2013

FX is a dynamic marketplace. It can be volatile too. The thing is that things could change easily depending on developments in the market, particularly those that directly affect major currencies. Because of that, it is important to keep track of important events that could dictate the mood of the market in certain parts of the world. We will help you keep track of some of those events for this week. Read more >>


Kiwi Versus Dollar and Yen November 11th // 10 Nov. 2011

NZD/JPY fell for the Thursday session, but has found support in the 60 handle to form a hammer. NZD/USD has had a similar session, and in the end formed a bit of a hammer shaped candle. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Kiwi and Aussie November 9th // 08 Nov. 2011

NZD/USD had a strange day on Tuesday. While the rest of the world partied and celebrated the resignation of the Italian PM, it couldn't break above the 0.80 level. AUD/USD formed another hammer on the daily chart for Tuesday, and the 1.03 level looks like it is going to be supportive. Play video >>

November 7th Long-Term Charts // 04 Nov. 2011

NZD/USD fell back below the 0.8000 level over the past week, but did print a hammer on the Friday close. USD/CAD busted back through the parity level, and looks like it wants to challenge the 1.02-1.03 levels. EUR/USD had a bearish week as well. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Aussie and Kiwi October 31st // 28 Oct. 2011

The AUD/USD pair skyrocketed on Thursday, but found the Friday session a little slower. This makes sense as it certainly needs to rest after smashing through the 1.05 level. NZD/USD had a similar move, as it usually does. The 0.80 level gave way, and Friday saw a quiet session. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Aussie and Kiwi October 27th // 26 Oct. 2011

AUD/USD fell during the Wednesday session, but bounced in the US afternoon session as rumors came out of Europe about the possible EU "fix". NZD/USD also had a bounce late in the day, but is still in consolidation at this point. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Kiwi and Aussie October 21st // 20 Oct. 2011

NZD/USD produced the third doji in a row on Thursday, just below the 0.8000 level. With the EU's meetings over the weekend, the trading world is waiting to see the outcome of these important summits. However, the fact that the Kiwi can't retake the 0.8000 level could show the path of least resistance is down. AUD/USD is a similar chart, with the range being between 1.01 and 1.03 or so. The pair is a "risk on" trade from the long side, and with the recent headlines, it isn't hard to see why it has been "stuck". Both of these pairs look ready to move, but probably won't until Monday morning. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Aussie and Kiwi October 19th // 18 Oct. 2011

AUD/USD had a whippy day during the Tuesday session as China reported lower than expected GDP numbers, sending the pair down - The NZD/USD sits just below the 0.8000 level and formed a long-legged doji as well. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Aussie and Kiwi October 17th // 14 Oct. 2011

AUD/USD rose like a rocket during the Friday session, clearly showing that it wants to run to the upside now. NZD/USD is a similar story, but has even broke the 0.8000 level. This area was big resistance, but only the start of it. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Euro and Kiwi October 13th // 12 Oct. 2011

EUR/USD rose rapidly again on Wednesday as traders continue to show belief in the possibility of a solution in the EU. NZD/USD rose as well, but faces similar problems: A round number which has shown itself to be massive, (0.80) and the 50% retrace that sits right above it. Play video >>

Kiwi Versus Dollar and Aussie September 5th // 03 Sept. 2011

NZD/USD formed a red candle and failed at the 0.85 level on Friday. The pair looks as if it has support at the 0.84 area however, and certainly does below until we get to the 0.80 area. The pair looks like it is trying to pullback, which is a chance to find value in the Kiwi in our opinion. Alternately, we could find ourselves holding at 0.84, and testing the 0.86 level - forming a 200 pip consolidation zone. AUD/NZD has formed a bit of a hammer, and the 1.25 area seems to be supportive. The breaking of the Thursday candle should be a great sign in order to go long. If we can break above the recent highs - we are going much higher. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Kiwi and Aussie September 1st // 31 Aug. 2011

NZD/USD rose again on Wednesday, but has formed a second shooting star in a row. This is a very bearish sign, but there is a ton of support just under this level. Because of this, we are not wanting to sell this pair, but rather wait for the pullback to go long. AUD/USD has formed a second doji, and appears that it is struggling with the 1.07 - 1.08 resistance area. Because of this, we may see a pullback. As long as we don't break below the 1.05 level, we fell this could be a buying opportunity. Play video >>

Kiwi Versus Dollar and Franc August 31st // 30 Aug. 2011

NZD/USD finally broke above the all-important 0.85 resistance level on Tuesday, and looks set to continue the bullish stance. The announcement of the Fed extending their meeting in September to two days has people speculating that the Fed will continue to ease. This should be bullish for commodities, and thus - bullish for the commodity currencies like the Kiwi. The NZD/CHF is rapidly pushing at the 0.70 level, and looks like it wants to have a go at it. However, with the massive run up in this market, we don't want to buy this pair. However, we bring it up as it shows just how the "risk on / risk off" trade is going. As long as the NZD/CHF rises - traders will continue to buy risk. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Aussie and Kiwi August 26th // 25 Aug. 2011

AUD/USD rose, and then fell on Thursday as traders simply cannot hold above the all-important 1.05 level. The Jackson Hole announcement later today will decide if there is any potential QE3 coming out of the USA, and if so - commodities will skyrocket. Under that scenario, the AUD/USD should have no problem rising above the 1.05 area. If not, this pair could continue to look weak, perhaps even retesting the 1.01 area for support. The NZD/USD pair is in a similar boat, being another commodity currency. The candle shape suggests that weakness could be ahead, but the wildcard is the speech. The hint of QE3 will more than likely make this currency pair a favorite for FX traders to the long side. If not - then we could drift lower, perhaps even testing 0.8000 as support. If that gives way - look out below! Play video >>

August 15th Long-Term Charts // 12 Aug. 2011

The EUR/USD could potentially be a flag. A bullish one at that! This videos shows how this is being formed, the levels that we need to watch, and the potential target, which sounds really high. But hey - I can remember when the EUR/USD being at 1.20 was out of the question! The USD/CHF pair looks very strong suddenly, and the weekly hammer shows we could continue to bounce. 0.80 is certainly a real possibility as the Swiss are starting to talk about pegging the Franc to the Euro. The SNB has a meeting this week, and it could move this pair wildly. The NZD/USD looks like it is ready to push even higher. The weekly hammer shows that the demand for the Kiwi is still out there, and that the 0.80 area is a massive support level that refuses to give way so far. Play video >>

Kiwi Versus Franc and Dollar August 8th // 05 Aug. 2011

The NZD/CHF pair has fallen quite a bit in the alst several days, and as the world is getting more and more risk-adverse, this pair will fall. The bounce on Friday makes sense, as no market goes in a straight line, but this could be a selling opportunity in the end. We are watching to see how price reacts at the 66 handle. The NZD/USD has fallen far in the last few days, and the 0.85 level has been broken. As we have bounced, we fell just short of this area. It is a crucial area for the bulls, and they simply must reclaim it. If not - we go much lower. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Kiwi and Pound August 1st // 29 July 2011

NZD/USD skyrocketed on Friday after falling earlier in the day. The pair is overbought, but we certainly do not want to stand in the way of this freight train which is the long term trend we see in this pair. The GBP/USD rose on Friday, but is presently running into trouble at the 1.65 level. As we look at it, this pair looks like a prime candidate for a choppy market, bouncing between the 1.65 and 1.63 levels. We think this pair will only offer short-term opportunities for the immediate future. Play video >>

Kiwi Versus Dollar and Franc July 19th // 19 July 2011

NZD/USD has fallen the last couple of days in a row, but each time - the buyers step into the market to keep pushing this pair much higher. Once we break 0.85 - we could move onto be things. NZD/CHF has been rangebound in the rectangle pattern area. Why? They are two of the strongest currencies on earth right now! Play video >>

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