Dollar Versus Aussie and Franc November 14th

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AUD/USD had a positive day on Friday, but it should be noted that it was also a bank holiday in America - where much of the gains came. The 1.04 to 1.05 level just above has been very resistive, so we think the move up might go a little farther, but more than likely we will return to consolidation again in this pair.

USD/CHF popped above the 0.9000 level a couple of days ago, and has now come back down to show it as support. With the SNB working so hard against the Franc, we are not willing to buy the CHF side of any pair at the moment. The breaking of the Thursday highs would confirm the next move is to the upside - probably to 0.95 or so.

Published on 11th of November 2011
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