Dollar Versus Franc and Loonie August 19th

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The USD/CHF pair has formed yet another tight-ranged candle on Thursday, as the 0.8000 level seems to be a bit of a cap on the SNB related bounce from the last week or so. The area is a massive psychologically important level, and as such we will see major things being decided here. The outlook for this pair is simple: wait for the large candle on the daily chart - and you will know the future direction of the pair for at least the next several handles.

USD/CAD found itself rising during the session as the oil markets sold off in a harsh manner. The oil markets falling often reduce desire to own the CAD, and this chart shows that in spades. The oil markets simply must hold above the $80 mark if we are to see the downtrend continue. A break below the level could send this pair far above parity.

Published on 18th of August 2011
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