February 27th Long-Term Charts

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AUD/USD is currently pressing against the 1.08 resistance level. Although we had a bit pf a pullback, the odds still suggest that we are going higher in this pair, and a post-1.08 daily close could be our signal to buy.

USD/CAD is where money goes to die these days, and will continue to be until the 1.01 level gets broken to the upside, or the 0.9750 level gets broken to the downside. However, don't you find it odd that the Canadian dollar doesn't rise with Crude Oil prices???

EUR/USD broke out above the 1.3250 level late in the week. It challenges 1.35 presently. Now the real work begins for the bulls.

USD/JPY finally managed to smash through the 80 level this past week. This is a significant breakout, and we think this pair could be working on a trend change at this point.

Published on 25th of February 2012
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