March 19th Long-Term Charts

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AUD/USD fell for the week, but the hammer that printed at the 38.2% Fibonacci level looks very strong. The 1.04 level is crucial to the longer term bullishness in this pair, and so far it looks as if it holds.

The USD/CAD pair is sitting on a ton of support, but the oil markets are working against the US dollar as the Iranian situation chugs along. However, if we get enough of a shock - money runs to America, even as oil rises.

The USD/JPY pair looks strong still, and this past week was even more bullish than the previous two. 85 offers resistance though, so we may get a bit of a pullback.

EUR/USD looks bullish at this point, but only for the very short-term. 1.30 is still the key.

Published on 16th of March 2012
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