October 10th Long-Term Charts

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EUR/JPY continues to fall, but the weekly candle suggests that perhaps the sellers are running out of steam. However, it should be noted this could be a "sucker's rally" if the 105 level comes into play.

AUD/NZD formed a hammer for the second week in a row at the 1.25 level - this shows that perhaps the Kiwi's massive up move could be coming to an end against many other currencies.

GBP/CHF sees 1.45 coming into play, and a resistive move in the short-term is more than likely. However, with the SNB working against the Franc, this will more than likely be a chance to reload on longs as the pair pulls back.

EUR/AUD continues to show that the 1.40 area is simply too much. We look for a return to the 1,000 pip or so consolidation area.

Published on 8th of October 2011
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