October 31st Long-Term Charts

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USD/JPY has fallen yet again, and looks set to test the 75 handle before it is all said and done. One certainly has to think that the Bank of Japan is getting bored with this game, and will intervene fairly soon. The Non-Farm Payroll report coming out of America this coming Friday could also move the pair as well.

USD/CAD has broken below parity during the week, and found a spot at 0.99 in which to rest. The oil markets will be key for the pair going forward, and although the move looks like it will be down, the motion is probably going to be a grind.

GBP/USD busted through the 1.60 level this past week, and looks set to try and regain 1.65 or so. However, the area we are in presently looks resistive, albeit minor areas, and could produce a pullback from which to buy cable.

Published on 28th of October 2011
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