September 24th Long-Term Charts

FX Strategy Video > Currency Pairs Analysis

The EUR/USD pair fell a bit during the week, but we have seen it power above the 1.30 handle previously, and this pair looks well supported. The 1.2750 level will more than likely bring in more buyers.

The USD/CAD pair attempted to break above the 0.98 handle this week, but was pushed back as soon as it did so. The result was a shooting star-ish looking candle just under that significant level.

The GBP/USD pair looks a bit exhausted, and with good reason. The pair has been very bullish, and a pullback to the 1.60 level is not only likely, its very welcome. We are bullish of this pair if we can buy it at a lower price.

The USD/JPY had a funky week to say the least. We currently sit just above the 78 handle (again), and think that we are stuck between here and the 80 handle for the foreseeable future.

Published on 22nd of September 2012
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