September 26th Long-Term Charts

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NZD/USD absolutely fell apart this past week as risk continues to get sold off around the globe. The pair is highly sensitive to this, and as a result looks positively horrible at this point. The selling off of commodities should continue to put pressure on the Kiwi over the longer-term.

USD/CHF rises with global fear now. The USD is the last man standing as a safe haven currency since the SNB is devaluing the Franc, and the Bank of Japan is openly hostile to the idea of a higher Yen. Because of this, we expect this pair to keep climbing.

With the G-20 meeting over the weekend, you can believe that the world is waiting to see any statement regarding the EU. The EUR/USD pair has fallen below the 1.35 level, but couldn't close under it. Is there a bounce coming? We hope so, because it allows us to sell from higher levels.

Published on 23rd of September 2011
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