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Euro Versus Dollar and Yen August 13th // 10 Aug. 2012

EUR/USD had a bearish session on Friday as the markets sold off the Euro yet again. The bounce late in the day did produce a hammer however, as the Americans bought the Euro once again. The pair looks as if it is trying to find support in the 1.23 vicinity, but we also could be forming a rising wedge......this pair could be interesting to say the least. The EUR/JPY pair formed a "hammer-like" candle for the Friday session as well. The pair looks ready for a bounce, but as you can see right away - rallies are to be sold. Play video >>

August 13th Long-Term Forex Charts // 10 Aug. 2012

EUR/GBP fell precipitously during the previous week, and remains one of our favorite was to sell the Euro at the moment. The pair looks ready to fall down to the 0.75 level in the near term. The USD/CAD pair accelerated its downtrend over the last 5 sessions, and now looks set to approach the 0.97 - 0.98 support level. If the bulls have any hope - it is that the area holds as support. The EUR/JPY pair continues to look weak. The pair fell again this past week, and is currently following a down trend line as we aim for the 94 handle. The AUD/USD pair continues to fight. We are at the top of an uptrend channel, yet still pressing forward. It looks like we are going to see the Aussie as one of the strongest currencies for the end of this year. Play video >>

Euro Versus Dollar and Yen August 10th // 10 Aug. 2012

EUR/USD had a bearish session on Thursday again as the 1.23 level seems to be calling the sellers. The area was once massive resistance, and now should be retested for support. So far, the area has held, but now we have a candle that has pierced the level - giving us a perfect entry point if we get below it. The EUR/JPY pair sold off as well, and has several technical indicators that suggest it should continue to fall. The area just below current prices should act as support though, so we could have a rocky ride down from here. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Yen and Loonie August 10th // 10 Aug. 2012

USD/JPY gained for the session on Thursday as the 78 handle continues to offer support. The level has been rock solid, and we even think that the Bank of Japan is making that so. This market is a "buy only" one for us, and we are looking for a breakout to the upside as our signal. 78.75 becomes very interesting if we can hold above it. USD/CAD fell during the session on Thursday to extend bearish momentum as the bottom of the downtrend channel is now firmly broken through. The pair looks set to continue falling until we hit the next major support level as the 0.97 handle. Play video >>

Yen Versus Euro and Dollar August 9th // 08 Aug. 2012

EUR/JPY started the session on Wednesday against several bearish forces. The 50% Fibonacci level, a down trend line, and the 50 day EMA all lined up against bulls. The pair did in facty fall, but in the end saw a but of support at the 97 handle. It still however, looks as if lower is the overall direction going forward. The USD/JPY pair initially fell for the session, but managed to pop a bit as well to form a hammer in traffic. The pair looks to be supported at the 78 handle by the Bank of Japan - of whom will will not argue with. The 78.60 level is key for the buyers at this point. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Loonie and Euro August 9th // 08 Aug. 2012

USD/CAD saw an extension of the bearishness on Wednesday as the bottom of the down trending channel was broken by the sellers. This should lead to accelerated losses for the pair, and the 0.97 level now looks to be the "line in the sand" for the buyers at this point. The EUR/USD pair fell most of the session, but by the end of the trading day saw a hammer being printed. This shouldn't mean much over time though - there is still a ton of resistance above until we clear the 1.27 level. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Loonie and Pound August 8th // 07 Aug. 2012

USD/CAD fell below the parity level, although not impressively. We think a bounce could be coming in this market, but in reality it looks like the selling of it is the only trade at the moment. This is especially true because of the down trending channel. The GBP/USD simply won't give up. The 1.57 level starts a 100 pip resistance area that is tough, but the bulls are fighting. When will this area finally give way? Play video >>

Euro Versus Yen and Dollar August 8th // 07 Aug. 2012

EUR/JPY had a slightly bullish session on Tuesday, but several things are coming together from a technical point of view that could push prices lower. We are currently looking at the downside in order to trade this market. The EUR/USD pair rallied on Tuesday, but only just. This pair is starting to stall at the first sign of resistance, and we think it is only a matter of time before we fall again. Play video >>

Euro Versus Pound and Dollar August 7th // 06 Aug. 2012

EUR/GBP had a very unimpressive session during the Monday trading day as the pair is starting to run into serious resistance at these levels. The 0.80 above should be even more intense, and a rally from this point will more than likely only lead to further weakness down the road. We are waiting to sell a break lower, or a failed rally. The EUR/USD pair had a fall for the session, but regained a bit of its losses in order to form a hammer. Looking at this pair, a rally is probable - but it is also just as probable that it is going to fail as the chart looks resistive all the way to 1.27 or so. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Loonie and Aussie August 7th // 06 Aug. 2012

USD/CAD had a very quiet day, but this in and of itself told us something - the parity level is looking supportive. The bottom of the descending channel is there as well. This looks good for the USD in the short-term. Can it last? That depends on oil, naturally. The AUD/USD pair is struggling to gain at the same and is at the top of an ascending channel. The pair has been impressive lately, but a pullback is desperately needed. The 1.03 level is just below the uptrend line of the channel as well. Could offer serious support on that pullback and we see it as potential value waiting to happen. Play video >>

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