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Euro Versus Yen and Pound August 6th // 04 Aug. 2012

EUR/JPY rose during the session on Friday as the Non-Farm Payroll numbers came out stronger than expected. The pair slammed into the 97.25 level, and if we can get above the current resistance, we think this pair can run to the 100 level. The EUR/GBP pair looks very much the same, but we can see a potential bearish flag at the top of the day's move on Friday. This looks like we only have so far we can go before we find massive resistance at the 0.80 level. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Aussie and Kiwi August 6th // 04 Aug. 2012

AUD/USD gained rapidly during the session as the jobs numbers were better than expected out of America. The pair has finally closed above the 1.05 level, and this looks strong. However, we are at the top of a channel, and then we can possibly see a pullback. 1.03 looks very strong for support. The NZD/USD pair looks very similar, but has to overcome the 0.82 level in order to continue higher. This pair does look strong however, and we want to buy pullbacks. Play video >>

August 6th Long-Term Charts // 04 Aug. 2012

AUD/USD had a bullish week as it finally cracked the 1.05 level. This bodes well for the Aussie, and it now looks like the floor in this pair can be found at the 1.03 level. Going forward, buying the dips will more than likely be the way to go. The EUR/USD pair had a bullish week as well. However, even with the hammer on the weekly chart - we need to recognize that there is a ton of resistance all the way to 1.27 in this pair. The USD/CAD pair fell a bit during the week, but is currently sitting on support at the parity level. This pair shouldn't be much of a play at the moment. The USD/JPY pair formed a hammer for the second week in a row at the 78 handle. Could the Bank of Japan be at work? Play video >>

Dollar Versus Loonie and Kiwi August 2nd // 01 Aug. 2012

USD/CAD had a little bit of a bounce on Wednesday. The reason could either be the parity level, or simple disappointment with the Fed's announcement. However, this market also looks like the pair has been in a down trending channel, and it looks like we have reached the bottom. The NZD/USD pair looked very weak by the end of trading on Wednesday. The pair is very risk-sensitive, and the fact that the Fed didn't ease sent a lot of the "sugar high junkies" away from this market. This pair looks ripe for a pullback, but 0.80 could offer significant support. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Euro and Pound August 2nd // 01 Aug. 2012

EUR/USD initially tried to rally on thoughts of Fed easing. Turns out that Bernanke had other ideas, and the pair fell as a result of the Fed disappearing. The pair now looks likely to aim for the 1.20 level. The pair could however have a knee jerk reaction higher to the ECB announcement. The GBP/USD pair fell hard after the Fed announcement, and looks horrible. However, we are still in the consolidation area, and we think the 1.55 to the 1.54 area looks like massive support. With this in mind, this pair could be difficult. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Kiwi and Aussie August 1st // 31 July 2012

NZD/USD rallied during the session on Tuesday, but gave back most of the move in order to form a shooting star. This sets up a selling position in the short term if we manage to break the bottom of the candle. The central banks are meeting, will they ease? The AUD/USD pair did much of the same thing during the trading day. The commodity trade finished off the day with a real whimper, and it seems that the next two days will drive this pair going forward. It is worth noting that the 1.05 level looks like it is holding the bulls back. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Euro and Yen August 1st // 31 July 2012

EUR/USD had a bullish session on Tuesday, but failed to stay decisively above the 1.23 level. The pair looks like it is running into trouble, as the central banks are meeting over the next 48 hours. The jobs number on Friday also is important. The USD/JPY pair is also very sensitive to the jobs number. If the Fed does very little, this pair could move as well. The 78 handle looks very, very important at this point. It also looks like it is being guarded. Play video >>

Euro Versus Pound and Yen July 30th // 28 July 2012

EUR/GBP had a funky kind of session on Friday as the pair tried to rally, but failed. The resulting candle is a shooting star of sorts, but falls right in the middle of traffic. We feel that we are seeing a hint at continuation as this pair looks to fall again. The EUR/JPY pair rallied all day, but failed to form an impressive candle at the end of the day. We feel that a fall is coming, and a break of the lows from Friday would have us selling at this point. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Euro and Aussie July 30th // 28 July 2012

EUR/USD had a bullish session on Friday as the traders simply didn't want to be short over the weekend. The markets are expecting easing out of Europe next week, and as a result the "risk on" trade came back. However, the end of the day wasn't exactly impressive for the Euro. The AUD/USD was another story altogether. It simply didn't stop as it reached as high as 1.0490 during the session. If there is any easing, there's a good chance the Aussie will continue higher. Play video >>

July 30th Long-Term Charts // 28 July 2012

EUR/USD had a very bullish week after Mario Draghi promised to do whatever it takes to make the Euro succeed. The one thing he forgot to mention: details. However, the pair did get a bit of a breather in the short term. The USD/CAD pair fell hard for the week as well, as the oil markets are getting a bit of a bid. The pair crashed into a support area, and it looks as if we could struggle to go too much lower at this point. Parity is the key in this market. The USD/JPY pair bounced perfectly off of the 78 handle. The hammer for the week certainly has our attention at this point in time. We think 80 should be visited very soon at this rate. The AUD/USD shot straight up after it because obvious the central bankers around the world are ready to do more stimulus. This won't help the economies - but it certainly helps gold prices, and that in turn helps the Aussie. Play video >>

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