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Dollar Versus Loonie and Yen July 27th // 26 July 2012

USD/CAD fell during the session on Thursday as the "risk on" trade came back into the marketplace. The parity level below still looks very supportive at this point, and the fact that we gave back 50 pips at the end of the session looks like the downside may be a bit limited. The USD/JPY pair is currently sitting at the 78 level, and looks like it is trying to form a bottom at this point in time. The Bank of Japan is currently looking to work against the Yen, and as such we think intervention isn't too far below current levels. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Euro and Pound July 27th // 26 July 2012

EUR/USD had a very bullish session on words from Mario Draghi that the ECB was willing to do whatever it takes to keep the Euro alive. This seemed to be some kind of revelation to the markets, and as such we saw a surge. However, we stalled right at the first signs of serious resistance. The GBP/USD had a very similar reaction, and now looks like it is struggling with the 1.57 level. It also looks as if the reaction may have been well overdone. Possible fades could come into play. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Loonie and Pound July 26th // 25 July 2012

USD/CAD fell hard during the session on Wednesday to reach the 1.0150 level again. This area used to be massive support and resistance, but the truth is that the area has been chopped through several times. We think this is a result of the headline risk to oil, and could make this pair difficult to trade. The GBP/USD pair fell and rose during the session as the UK had a horrible preliminary GDP number during the session. The pair seems to be clinging onto the 1.55 level though, and as such it appears the bears are going to take control again. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Yen and Euro July 26th // 25 July 2012

USD/JPY fell to test the 78 handle during the session on Wednesday, but remains above that handle. The pair looks like it is going to find a lot of support in this area, and we think selling isn't a possibility as the Bank of Japan is working against the value of the Yen. The EUR/USD pair rose to fill the gap during the session as there were some whispers of a possible ESM-to-bank scheme out of Europe. However, this is only a rumor, and as such it is likely to find a lot of sellers art this point. We are also heading into a consolidation area from before, so we think resistance above is very likely. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Pound and Kiwi July 24th // 24 July 2012

GBP/USD had a strong sell off for the session on Monday, and looks very vulnerable at this point. However, we are approaching the bottom of the recent consolidation area. The markets are going to be in a "risk on, risk off" type of situation again, and this pair will be a good barometer. We think the 1.57 level should keep a cap on rallies as well. The NZD/USD pair fell hard as well, in a chart that in many ways looks almost identical to the cable. The pair looks vulnerable as well, but also has a massive area of support between the 0.78 and 0.79 levels, so we could have a fight on our hands. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Yen and Euro July 24th // 24 July 2012

USD/JPY fell during most of the session on Monday, but bounced hard off of the 78 handle. Is it possible that the Bank of Japan is now intervening in a clandestine manner at this level? Wouldn't be a big surprise as they admitted to doing the same thing a few months ago. Consolidation looks to be the word in this pair. EUR/USD fell hard most of the session, but the Americans sold off the Dollar in another round of "hopium" as far as Europe is concerned. The hammer that printed for the day suggests that the pair could bounce, but in an interesting twist - the Moody's agency downgraded the outlook for Germany of all places. Play video >>

Pound Versus Dollar and Franc July 23rd // 22 July 2012

GBP/USD saw a massive reversal on Friday as the Dollar gained everywhere. The pair has been rejected at the 1.57 level again, and the weekly candle is even a shooting star. This suggests that the next move is down. The GBP/CHF continues to grind higher, in what is probably one of the least publicized definite trends at this point. While you weren't looking - this pair went much, much higher. 1.57 is still being targeted from the previous bull flag. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Loonie and Euro July 23rd // 22 July 2012

USD/CAD got a bounce on Friday as the "risk off" trade got back into swing. Fresh concerns about Europe should continue to generate a bid for the USD, but the concerns of military action in the Middle East can also pressure oil to the upside, which pressures the CAD to the upside. This pair looks like it could be choppy. The EUR/USD pair got pummeled on Friday as Valencia has informed the Spanish government that the state will need a bailout. This leads to fresh concerns in Spain, and the European Union on the whole. 1.20 now looks like it is being targeted. Play video >>

July 23rd Long-Term Charts // 22 July 2012

EUR/USD originally had a very positive week, but in the end - Friday saw it coming apart when the Spanish state of Valencia admitted that a bailout is going to be necessary. Looking at this pair, it looks like the 1.20 level is in sight now. The GBP/USD pair did much the same, but now has formed a strong reversal candle as well. The pair looks weak at this point, but the downside is probably going to be somewhat limited by the 1.5250 support level from the previous consolidation. The USD/CHF pair is currently running towards the 99 handle - and the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement as well. The pair looks like parity is in the cards - if it can get past the cluster just above. The USD/JPY pair continued to fall this past week, but is now approaching areas that should see significant support. With the Bank of Japan being so protective of this pair, are we getting closer to intervention? Play video >>

Yen Versus Euro and Dollar July 20th // 19 July 2012

EUR/JPY fell for the session on Thursday, but managed to bounce in the late hours to form a hammer yet again. It is becoming obvious that a bounce in the Euro could be coming against most currencies, and as a result we are simply waiting for higher prices to sell from! The USD/JPY pair fell as well, but this pair has a central bank below it. Because of this, it is still a buy only market in our eyes, and there are a couple of places to watch going forward as this could be a great trade soon. Play video >>

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