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Dollar Versus Loonie and Pound July 20th // 19 July 2012

USD/CAD fell on Thursday to finally clear the 1.01 support level. The area leaves a run to the parity level likely, and at that point we would expect to see buyers step back into the markets. The oil markets broke out for the session, so a move into the Canadian dollar wouldn't be a surprise. The GBP/USD surged higher on Thursday as the 1.57 level was cleared. However, the resistance runs all the way to the 1.58 level in our opinion, so while we are bullish of hte pair, we are still waiting for all of that noise to get cleared out. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Pound and Euro July 19th // 18 July 2012

GBP/USD formed a third hammer in a row on Wednesday, and because of this we are very interested in this pair. The 1.57 level just above will continue to hold it down, but for how long? We suspect an explosive move could be coming in the near term. The EUR/USD suddenly shows a lot of support. The 1.2150 level seems to have attracted a lot of buyers, but we feel the move higher has a very limited amount of room to go. The 1.24 level starts a serious resistance area, and as such we are simply waiting to sell from higher levels. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Aussie and Kiwi July 19th // 18 July 2012

AUD/USD managed to break through the 1.0350 level on Wednesday in order to continue the recent bullish run. This pair looks ready to move to the 1.05 level, and recent action also suggests that the world believes stimulus is coming, probably out of both Beijing and D.C. The NZD/USD hammer formed for the session on Wednesday suggests that the pressure to the upside is picking up. 0.80 looks likely to offer serious resistance, but with the Aussie breaking out - the writing is on the wall. Above 0.8050 level looks strong... Play video >>

Dollar Versus Euro and Loonie July 18th // 17 July 2012

EUR/USD fell initially, but managed to form a hammer to show more signs of life at these low levels. Although we wouldn't buy the Euro on a bet, it does appear oversold for the time being, and a bounce looks inevitable. 1.24 looks like a great place to sell if we get a pop and then weakness. The USD/CAD pair is sitting just above the 1.01 level, and looks primed to fall from here. The oil markets will be a key driver of course, and as they look just about ready to break out, this move could come soon. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Yen and Pound July 18th // 17 July 2012

USD/JPY had a bullish session on Tuesday as Bernanke didn't deliver the goods when it came to easing. Or did he? A lot of the market is still arguing about this, and as a result we think the current range continues. We still eye the 80.60 level above all else though. The GBP/USD pair initially fell for the session, only to bounce on hopes or stimulus eventually. The hammer is the second in a row, and it looks as if we are going to make a serious attempt at breaking out above the 1.57 level. Play video >>

Euro Versus Yen and Pound July 17th // 16 July 2012

EUR/JPY fell much of the session on Monday as the Euro continues to be the epicenter of the Forex markets. The pair bounced late though, and as a result we formed a hammer. Is a bounce coming? Probably.....and it should offer the sellers a better level to enter. The EUR/GBP pair looks much the same, and the analysis is almost identical. The 0.80 level above should be a massive ceiling above the current price. The market looks like it is ready to pullback for the bears, and we will be waiting to sell at higher levels. 0.7950 looks particularly interesting. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Pound and Euro July 17th // 16 July 2012

GBP/USD fell for part of the session on Monday, but found a bid in the end and formed a hammer. The pair looks strong in the short run, but there is a big resistance area just 75 pips above current levels. It is because of this that we are willing to wait for a sell signal above the 1.57 level. EUR/USD fell for much of the session only to bounce based upon poor retail sales in the US. In other words, there is open speculation of easing out of the Fed now. However, even if this does happen, has anything changed in Europe because of it? We think selling from higher levels will be possible soon. Play video >>

Pound Versus Dollar and Euro July 16th // 13 July 2012

GBP/USD had a smashing day on the session Friday, as the Pound absolutely skyrocketed. The pair looks as if it is trying to reach the 1.57 to 1.58 levels as resistance. The market looks like the consolidation area from the last several weeks should continue to guide the market. The EUR/GBP pair broke through two hammers, and this suggests that extreme weakness could be coming. The bearish flag from a few weeks ago looks like it wants to send this pair down to the 0.76 level. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Loonie and Yen July 16th // 13 July 2012

USD/CAD had a strange session on Friday as it originally rose, only to fall again. The 1.0150 level looks supportive, and it should continue to fight the sellers. However, even if this pair manages to breakdown it will run into problems with the parity level. The USD/JPY pair looks like it is just "sitting" at the 79 level. The Bank of Japan has clandestinely intervened in this pair in the past, and let's be honest: 79 suddenly looks like a solid wall at this point. A break below this pair will more than likely offer 78 as a great buying opportunity. Play video >>

July 16th Long-Term Charts // 13 July 2012

EUR/USD saw another bearish week, but late in the week we saw a bounce in order to form a hammer. The market looks as if it is going to reenter more consolidation, and with it being summer and oversold, this isn't a surprise. The USD/CAD pair looks weak, but the hammer from the previous week looks like we could have a fight on our hands. This entire market looks like it wants to attempt to breakdown, but even if it does - we still have the parity level to worry about. The GBP/USD pair bounced hard on Friday, and the weekly hammer suggests that we are going higher, perhaps to the top of the recent consolidation area. The USD/JPY pair still looks as if it is tightening up, but we have at least two very clear levels from which to buy.....and we won't sell it as the BoJ is working against that at the moment. Play video >>

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