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Yen Versus Dollar and Loonie July 5th // 04 July 2012

USD/JPY initially fell during the low volume session, only to bounce in the end. The resulting candle is a hammer, and this shows that the market is still trying to build pressure to the upside. The 80 level is a massive resistance level, but the real action is above the 80.60 area. The CAD/JPY fell as well, but bounced from the 78.50 level as the oil markets look very healthy at this point. As long as there is tension with the Iranians, this pair could climb. The hammer than formed looks like a market that is ready to continue higher. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Pound and Loonie July 5th // 04 July 2012

GBP/USD fell during the session as the world waits for the Bank of England's monetary policy statement. The pair more than likely suffered from some profit taking as traders will try to cut back on risk before the announcement. The USD/CAD pair did very little, and although it bounced - it should be said that the oil markets were almost non-existent as well. The pair is still below the recent support level at 1.0150 - and we think the pair travels down to the parity level as a result. Play video >>

Pound Versus Dollar and Euro July 4th // 03 July 2012

GBP/USD sat still during the session on Tuesday. While this seems like a non-event, the fact is that we just had a massive surge higher....and still haven't pulled back. This suggests that there is real underlying strength in this move, and the 1.57 - 1.58 level is currently standing in the way of the move higher. The EUR/GBP pulled back a bit during the session on Tuesday, but most importantly the pair still has a bearish flag that is viable. The 0.80 level is still acting as support, so a break below it on the daily close would be significant. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Yen and Loonie July 4th // 03 July 2012

USD/JPY had a strong session as the consolidation continued on Tuesday. We are currently sitting just below the 80 level, and we think that pressure is building to push this pair higher. With the Non-Farm Payroll number coming out in a few days, this market could be quiet.....for now. However, we think Friday should move this pair - possibly for the long-term? The USD/CAD broke down a bit on Tuesday, and it managed to fall below support at the 1.0150 level. The oil markets broke out too - so this move makes sense. We see it at the parity level soon. Play video >>

Euro Versus Dollar and Pound July 3rd // 02 July 2012

EUR/USD fell during the session on Monday as the reaction to a solution in Europe has been met with skepticism, and more importantly - higher Spanish bond rates. This shows that the market may not be as impressed as we were led to believe on Friday. The EUR/GBP pair fell hard. In fact, it looks like the bearish flag is still in play, and a break below the most recent lows - about the 0.7980 level - has this pair falling as low as 0.76 as suggested by the pole of the flag. Play video >>

Pound Versus Yen and Dollar July 3rd // 02 July 2012

GBP/JPY fell for much of the Monday session, as traders looked ready to book profits. However, it bounced in the late hours, and because of this it looks as if the Yen weakness could possibly continue. Needless to say however - this is a highly risk-sensitive pair, and headlines will continue to be the biggest danger going forward. The GBP/USD pair did almost nothing on Monday. This was impressive because of the fact that Friday was so strong. The market is sitting just below a resistance area, and looks healthy. However, until we see 1.58 overtaken - this is a neutral pair now. Play video >>

Yen Versus Dollar and Pound July 2nd // 01 July 2012

USD/JPY had a fairly strong day on Friday, but still has the 80 level to deal with. On a break of 80.60, this pair will check out for a large move. It is at that point that we are willing to aim for at least a few hundred pips. The GBP/JPY pair is sitting just above the 125 level, and looks poised to break out. This move could be a strong one, and will be especially so if the Bank of England surprises everyone and DOESN'T ease this week. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Euro and Pound July 2nd // 01 July 2012

EUR/USD had a wicked reversal due to Merkel's blinking at the summit. The Friday session saw some of the largest gains in months. The real question is where do we go from here in Europe? This should be a nice short-term rally - before reality sets in. The GBP/USD did exactly the same thing, but now sits just below a massive resistance area. The BoE should be easing this week, and this could also weigh on the pair as well. Play video >>

July 2nd Long-Term Charts // 01 July 2012

EUR/USD had a wicked reversal at the end of the week - the Germans caved a little, and the world celebrated. Look for strength in the short-term, this is of course before people realize there is still a long way to go! NZD/USD looks very bullish, and why not? The easy money in Europe should push even more people into commodities. 0.82 looks like a reasonable target now. The USD/CAD pair is sitting on the precipice for a fall. The 1.0150 level gives way - hello parity! The GBP/USD pair had an insane Friday as well. It will be interesting to see what this one does, as the BoE should ease this week. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Euro and Kiwi June 29th // 28 June 2012

EUR/USD fell during the session as the European Union started its 19th summit for the crisis. The pair looks like the market participants are leery of the outcome, and rightfully so. Selling on the rallies continues to be the best way to handle this pair, and as such we are doing just that. The NZD/USD on the other hand looks a bit supported. The 0.78 to 0.79 level looks like it is holding the pair up, and we could see a move soon. A break of either the 0.80 level or the 0.78 level will be needed for clarity though. Play video >>

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