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Yen Versus Dollar and Loonie June 29th // 28 June 2012

USD/JPY fell during the session on Thursday as the pair continues to find support below as the Bank of Japan continues to be actively working against the Yen. The pair could also find a bid if the Fed continues to do very little in the way of easing as we know the BoJ will continue. The CAD/JPY pair fell during the session as the oil markets did as well. The pair is highly sensitive to this market, and as a result we are very interested in selling if the possibility arises. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Yen and Aussie June 28th // 27 June 2012

USD/JPY rose slightly for the Wednesday session as the risk appetite was slightly higher for the day. The pair is being influenced greatly by the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan as they argue over "who's cheaper." None the less, we think Japan eventually "wins" as the pair finally rises above the 80.60 level. Of course, this could be a minute..... The AUD/USD pair rose again for the session day in a row, bouncing off of parity. The pair will follow risk in general, and the appetite is going to be weak overall going forward in our opinion. Because of this, we are looking to sell this pair on signs of weakness. However, if we get above the 1.02 level - we would go ahead and buy. A break below the 0.99 level would be a great sell sign in return. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Euro and Pound June 28th // 27 June 2012

EUR/USD had a fairly quiet session on Wednesday as the markets await the outcome of the summit over the next two days. Quite frankly, it looks as if the markets aren't expecting much. The 1.24 level giving way would have us selling at this point. GBP/USD had a fairly weak session, but found support at the 1.5550 level and looks consolidative at this point. The market has a top at 1.57, and we will need to break out of this rectangle in order to take a position at this point. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Loonie and Kiwi June 18th // 16 June 2012

USD/CAD fell during the session on Friday to sit on the 1.02 support level. The pair is going to be highly sensitive to the oil markets, and most certainly to the "risk on" trade. The central banks around the world are looking more and more likely to get involved and "liquify" the markets - as a result the Dollar will more than likely lose. The NZD/USD pair looks very strong. This pair should be one of the strongest beneficiaries of the new round of stimulus that so many central banks are looking to do now. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Pound and Aussie June 18th // 16 June 2012

GBP/USD had an absolute cracker of a session on Friday as the pair shot through the 1.57 level on word that an 80 billion GBP fund was being put away for banks in England. (At least this is what we suspect happened!) The truth is - the move was a bit unprecedented. AUD/USD also had a strong session as the word of central bank coordination after the Greek elections got out. If there is trouble - the CBs are ready to help it appears. This caused the risk trade to shine. Play video >>

June 18th Long-Term Charts // 16 June 2012

EUR/USD had an interesting week as the central banks now look ready to step in and prop everything up again. The coming Greek elections now look like a bit of a win-win scenario for the Euro. With this being said, it looks like the pair will rise after this hammer. The USD/CAD pair now sits on top of the 1.02 level. The area has been supportive, but there is a real chance that the Monday session will see a gap below it, and send this pair down to the parity level. The GBP/USD pair had a monster Friday, and is now trading over the 1.57 level. The pair looks very positive at the moment, and the 1.5750 level would open the floodgates for the bulls. A gap would do that in short order. USD/JPY fell for the week, but remains above the 78 level. The area starts the section of price where the Bank of Japan got involved last couple of times, and as such we are looking for supportive candles near the 78 handle to buy. A break above the 80.50 level would also have us buying. Selling isn't a thought because of the BoJ. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Yen and Loonie June 15th // 14 June 2012

USD/JPY remained fairly silent during the session on Thursday as the Bank of Japan continues to be a presence in this market. The 80 level looks like the epicenter of the pair at the moment, and as a result we think a move above 80.60 can lead to a long-term buy. Selling isn't a thought. USD/CAD fell hard during the session on Thursday to retest 1.02 as support. The market has a top in it at the moment at 1.04, and it will be interesting to see if the market can break out. A break down below the 1.02 level looks like a move to parity waiting to happen. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Euro and Kiwi June 15th // 14 June 2012

EUR/USD got a boost on Thursday as the headlines of several central banks adding liquidity if needed in response to the Greek elections. The market are certainly going to be paying full attention to the elections, and as a result this pair will more than likely see a lot of volatility over the next 24 hours, and possibly on the Monday open. The NZD/USD pair saw a strong move higher because of the very same news. The 0.78 level has been broken above, and the pair looks like it wants to go higher - but there is a ton of headline risks at the moment. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Pound and Loonie June 14th // 13 June 2012

GBP/USD has fallen during the session as the "risk off" trade comes back into the fold. The cable is always sensitive to risk, and as a result it will fall when the stock markets do. The US GDP is being downgraded a bit by some analysts, and this will be poor for global risk appetite. The USD/CAD pair reversed its course during the session as a result as well, and now the 1.03 level is being tested. The 1.02 area looks very supportive at this point, and as a result we are buying this pair on a break of the session highs. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Aussie and Kiwi June 14th // 13 June 2012

AUD/USD attempted to break above the parity level on Wednesday, only to fail and form a nice shooting star. The candle suggests that the pair looks to fall at this point, and we think that another leg down could be in the works.... The NZD/USD pair acted in a similar manner as the RBNZ left rates on hold this morning. The outlook has weakened globally, and as a result the Kiwi dollar will more likely than not suffer as a result. The commodity markets are going to be key - and so will the 0.78 level. Play video >>

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