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Dollar Versus Loonie and Aussie June 13th // 13 June 2012

USD/CAD fell during the session on Tuesday as the oil markets bounced for the session. The oil markets have been sold relentlessly over the last several sessions, but the markets cannot move in one direction forever. The bounce needed to happen after all, but the risk is still to the downside in the oil markets, and as such we think the CAD will lose value. We are buying supportive candles at the handles in this pair. AUD/USD had a fairly strong session on Tuesday as well, and it looks as if the "hopium" trade pushed the pair higher. However, the parity and 1.02 levels will have to be overtaken for us to be comfortable buying. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Euro and Pound June 13th // 13 June 2012

EUR/USD had a fairly quiet session on Tuesday, even as the "hopium" trade came roaring back in the US session. This could possibly be related to the upcoming Greek elections over the weekend that will undoubtedly put a damper on anything risk related by the end of the week. The GBP/USD pair did fair a bit better, but the bounce ran up to the recent consolidation highs, nothing more - nothing less. The United Kingdom is highly exposed to Europe, so we think that this pair will struggle going forward, especially at the 1.5750 level. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Kiwi and Aussie June 12th // 11 June 2012

NZD/USD formed a wicked gap to the upside at the open over the weekend, but closed and fell below it by the end of the Monday session. This cannot be overstated as to it's bearishness in our opinion. The hammer from the Friday session will be the last possible support area before a larger fall. The AUD/USD pair had a very similar move, failing to break above the parity level and falling precipitously. The "risk off" trade will continue to haunt this pair, and we think lower prices are coming. Play video >>

Yen Versus Dollar and Kiwi June 12th // 11 June 2012

USD/JPY fell for the session on Monday after initially gapping higher in reaction to the EU bailout of Spanish banking system. The action suggests that the 80 level will more than likely remain intact as the market simply cannot get above the area. However, the Bank of Japan is below - and we aren't challenging them. The NZD/JPY pair is a slightly different story though. The Japanese won't have as much interest in what the Yen trades to the New Zealand dollar, and as a result we think that this pair is ready to continue it's fall. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Yen and Pound June 11th // 09 June 2012

USD/JPY fell for much of the session on Friday, but managed a bit of a bounce at the end of the session to form what looks like a hammer. However, there is a lot of resistance just above... The GBP/USD pair looks confused, much like many of the other "risk on" pairs at the moment. With the headline risks out there right now, this is hardly a surprise, is it? Play video >>

Dollar Versus Kiwi and Aussie June 11th // 09 June 2012

NZD/USD had an interesting Friday as the pair fell, and then bounced to form a hammer by closing time. The hammer follows a shooting star for Thursday, and this signals that the pair is winding up for a move. We think that the Chinese economic numbers over the weekend, the possible Spanish bailout, and the Greek elections next weekend will play havoc with this pair. The AUD/USD pair looks identical, and as a result we feel the tame about the analysis for the AUD/USD pair as well. On a break of the top of the shooting star, we are buying and a break of the bottom of the hammer we are selling. This goes for both pairs. Play video >>

June 11th Long-Term Charts // 09 June 2012

EUR/USD gained during the past week, but it must be said that the shooting star doesn't exactly invite confidence. With the possibility of a bank bailout in Spain over the weekend, there could be fireworks. Greek elections next Sunday will keep a lid on rallies though. The EUR/GBP pair formed a shooting star as well, and looks ready to reenter the 0.81 to 0.80 consolidation area. The USD/CAD pair fell for the week, and essentially has undone the work from the week before. This shows just how hard it is going to be to breakout of the 1.04 resistance area. We still see support below though. The AUD/USD pair was fairly strong during the week, and looks set to try to retake the parity level. We think there are far too many potential landmines for it to succeed though. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Pound and Aussie June 8th // 07 June 2012

GBP/USD fell after initially spiking during the session on Thursday. The pair looks weak at this point, and the risk correlation continues to weigh upon it. The shooting star-like candle looks as if the market is ready to fall again. The AUD/USD pair formed a perfect shooting star on Thursday as the lack of easing talk by the Federal Reserve Chairman in front of the US Congress whacked the hopes of the traders as far as easing. This pair looks ready to fall yet again as the parity level held. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Loonie and Euro June 8th // 07 June 2012

USD/CAD fell for much of the session on Thursday as the oil markets tried to rally. However, the lack of easing talk by Ben Bernanke in front of Congress had commodities selling off. This of course worked against oil, and by extension the Canadian dollar. The hammer for the session looks very interesting. The EUR/USD pair formed a shooting star as it looks like the stimulus talk was pushed back against by the Fed Chairman on Thursday. The Euro continues to have serious problems ahead of it and as a result we like selling the Euro on the whole. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Yen and Pound June 7th // 07 June 2012

USD/JPY rose again during the session on Wednesday as the markets took the "risk on" trade. The pair is also influenced by the idea of two central banks that are fighting via rates and easing. The Fed will be gauged by the testimony of Ben Bernanke in front of the Congress today. 80 is important. The GBP/USD pair has made a nice move higher finally after showing an attempt at bottoming over the last couple of sessions. However, the 1.57 level is important and looks resistive at this point. Because of this, we think any rally should eventually fail. Play video >>

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