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Dollar Versus Euro and Pound October 10th // 09 Oct. 2012

EUR/USD fell hard during the session on Tuesday as the "risk off" trade came back. The uptrend line is currently being tested, and this pair suddenly looks like it is ready to fall hard again. The breaking of this line would have us shorting this pair aggressively. We are very short of this pair if we can close below the 1.2850 level. The GBP/USD pair fell hard as well. While we are longer-term buyers of the Pound, we think that a move below the 1.60 level almost guarantees a move down to the 1.58 level. That area will undoubtedly be vital to where the market moves next. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Pound and Yen October 9th // 08 Oct. 2012

GBP/USD fell hard on Monday, and looks vulnerable all of the sudden. However, there are two serious areas of support below that should come into play soon. We see the 1.60 level as a large round number that will command a reaction, and the 1.58 level was the top of the resistance that gave way when the ascending triangle broke this summer. The USD/JPY pair fell on Monday, but bounced off of the 78 handle. The pair looks like it wants to continue to consolidate between the 79 and 77.50 levels. We are in the middle, but we now have clear levels in which to range trade. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Loonie and Euro October 9th // 08 Oct. 2012

USD/CAD fell slightly during the session, but in reality had a rather back-and-forth Monday. The 0.98 level continues to be a magnet for prices, and as such we think that consolidation will continue. However, if we can break the lows from the Friday session - we could see sellers reenter. The EUR/USD pair looks weak. There is a trend line to follow now, and the 1.30 level looks a bit "thick" at the moment, and it looks like the real risk is to the downside at the moment. The 1.2850 level will be important if we get below it - and we would be aggressively short at that point. As for the upside, choppiness should continue. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Kiwi and Pound October 8th // 06 Oct. 2012

NZD/USD had a strange day as it initially rose, but fell back again in order to go below the 0.82 support handle. However, there is a lot of support below, and if we get a "risk on" rally again, this pair should continue to grind higher. The GBP/USD pair fell during Friday as the pair pulled back. This market should be supported sooner or later, and we see the 1.60 level as massive. The 1.58 level looks just as supportive also. This is the "top" of the ascending triangle that sent us higher in the first place. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Loonie and Yen October 8th // 06 Oct. 2012

USD/CAD fell for most of the session on Friday, but in the end bounced hard to form a hammer. The 0.98 level looks like it is refusing to give up supporting this pair. The market had previously consolidated between the 0.98 and 1.04 handles, and it looks like we could possibly be heading towards. The USD/JPY pair had a volatile session on Friday, and looks like it is still trying to bounce around between the 79.50 and 77.50 handles. We are getting towards the top of this range, and as a general idea, we would sell signs of weakness. However, all trades in this pair will be short term in duration. Play video >>

October 8th Long-Term Charts // 06 Oct. 2012

EUR/USD had a relatively strong showing for the week, but it should be noted that we are entering the massive resistance zone from the 1.30 handle to the 1.35 handle. Also, the Friday session ended with a shooting star - never a good sign for the bulls. The USD/CAD pair continues to confound most traders as the 0.98 handle isn't quite ready to give up as support. The weekly candle looks like one that is trying to find a buyer, and as a result we think the weakening oil markets are going to help the USD in this pair. The EUR/JPY is a clearer picture at the moment. We think this pair has broken out, and the 100 level is now a bottom of sorts. On pullbacks, this pair will continue to attract buyers. The EUR/GBP pair continues to grind higher, but the 0.8150 level looks like it could be resistive still. The Euro continues to gain as against the other currencies, but the Pound is also strong. Because of this, we think this pair could go sideways for a while. Play video >>

Pound Versus Euro and Yen October 5th // 04 Oct. 2012

EUR/GBP had a strong showing during the session as the Euro continues to gain against almost everything out there. However, the Pound isn't exactly a weak currency, so we think this upside should be somewhat limited. The noise in this area is deafening, and as such we aren't interested. The GBP/JPY pair shot straight up during the session on Thursday as the "risk on" rally is in full tilt. The Pound is essentially strong against everyone at the moment, and the Yen is currently being weakened by the Bank of Japan. We like the pullbacks as they come. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Aussie and Kiwi October 5th // 04 Oct. 2012

The AUD/USD pair fell during the session on Thursday, but found support in the 1.02 handle by the end of the day. The hammer that formed in this pair suggests that we are going to stay within the 1.02 - 1.06 consolidation zone. Because of this, we think that the Aussie continues higher even w/ the Non-Farm numbers coming out today. The NZD/USD is an almost identical situation, and given a choice - we like both of these commodity currencies. This pair will have to overcome 0.8350 in order to continue much higher though. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Loonie and Aussie October 4th // 03 Oct. 2012

USD/CAD rose during the session on Wednesday as the oil markets fell apart. The Canadian dollar suffered of course, and as a result we saw a slight rally in this pair. However, there is a ton of resistance above, and we don't see this market as a buy until we get over the 0.9950 level. The AUD/USD pair fell precipitously during the session as the commodity trade failed in general. The 1.02 level acted as support, but if it gives way we should see the pair continue down to the parity level. With the RBA looking to cut again - it is probably only a matter of time. Play video >>

Euro Versus Dollar and Yen October 4th // 03 Oct. 2012

EUR/USD rose slightly during the session on Wednesday in order to continue the slow climb higher. The trend line still pushes us higher, and as a result we think this pair continues to march north. However, there are a couple of areas to watch such as the 1.30 and the 1.2750 levels. The EUR/JPY is a much clearer picture going forward. We find the 100 level as a "floor" in this pair, and think that we will continue to move forward until we reach the 105 handle. Play video >>

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