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Dollar Versus Pound and Yen May 25th // 24 May 2012

GBP/USD fell again for the session on Thursday as the 61.8% Fibonacci level continues to offer support. the 1.5650 level looks as if it is a "last stand" for bulls in this pair, and a break below could make this pair ugly in short order. We are selling rallies and a close below the 1.5650 level. The USD/JPY pair rose slightly on Thursday as the pair continues to consolidate between the 79 and 80 levels. The 200 day moving average is in the neighborhood, and flat. So is this trade until we see a close above the 80.60 level. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Loonie and Franc May 24th // 23 May 2012

USD/CAD shot straight up again on Wednesday as the oil markets fell. However, the late day risk rally turned things around to produce a wicked shooting star at the 1.03 level. This could have the market selling in the short term, but we only see this as a pullback from which to buy over the next couple of sessions. A supportive candle above 1.01 has us buying. The USD/CHF pair ran into the 0.96 level on Wednesday to find serious resistance. The pullback that should be coming will more than likely end up being a buying opportunity, and we are treating it as such. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Euro and Pound May 24th // 23 May 2012

EUR/USD had a bearish day yet again on Wednesday as the fears of the area continue to be front and center. There was a bit of "hopium" at the end of the session as the Italians and French agreed that they wanted Germany to back their bonds. (Big surprise.) Of course, Germany isn't going to do it and the market will be disappointed again. Selling rallies looks to be the way to go. GBP/USD had a bearish day as well. The pair is approaching the 61.8% Fibonacci retrace level, as well as the 1.5650 level. A bounce form this area is possible. A failure of support is extremely bearish for the Pound. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Euro and Kiwi May 23rd // 22 May 2012

EUR/USD had a rough session during the Tuesday trading session as the fears of a Greek implosion continue. The former PM of Greece Mr. Papademos suggested in the media that a Greek exit is a real risk, and the market shot straight down as a result. The candle for the session is closing at the lows, and looks as if we are going to break below the 1.2650 level and towards 1.25 in the end. NZD/USD had a similar session. The commodity markets were absolutely pummeled, and as a result the "ComDolls" like the Kiwi got beat hard. The 0.75 level is just below. If it gives way, we are selling aggressively. Rallies are able to be faded as well, on weak candles. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Yen and Loonie May 23rd // 22 May 2012

USD/JPY had a bullish session on Tuesday in order to slam into the 80 handle yet again. With the Bank of Japan having a meeting today, there is a chance for fireworks in this pair. However, we see massive resistance to the 80.60 level, and we will buy on a close above that level. As for selling - we won't. The USD/CAD pair bounced for the session on Tuesday, and recaptured most of the losses from the Monday session. The pair should continue to rise over time as the oil markets continue to suffer. On pullbacks, we like buying this pair. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Pound and Euro April 30th // 28 April 2012

GBP/USD is a currency pair that simply hasn't stop gaining lately. If you haven't had a chance to enter the trade, you would simply be chasing it at this point in time. However, there looks to be a good chance at a pullback, and that is something we should all be looking for. The EUR/USD pair is currently testing what could be a descending triangle as the pair rose towards the end of the week. The European situation continues to deteriorate, so this coming session or two could be important. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Loonie and Yen April 30th // 28 April 2012

USD/CAD has broken down somewhat, but we still have the 0.98 level to deal with. Seeing as it has closed just above that handle, this question should be answered right away. The USD/JPY pair is at a major crossroads currently. The 80 level loom large just below, and the 50% Fibonacci level is in the vicinity as well. Also, the 200 day EMA is creeping into the picture. The pair is essentially a race to the bottom between two central banks wishing to kill their currencies. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Yen and Loonie April 27th // 27 April 2012

USD/JPY fell for much of the session on Thursday, only to bounce in the end to form a hammer shaped candle. The Bank of Japan is expected to expand its bond purchase program today, and this could lead to an even weaker Yen. The USD/CAD pair fell for the day, but bounced to form a hammer-ish shaped candle above the 0.98 level. The pair is still weak, but we see that a bounce may come back into play. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Euro and Pound April 27th // 27 April 2012

EUR/USD rose for the first part of the session, but fell late in the day as S&P downgraded the country of Spain by two notches. The potential triangle that we have been tracking seems to have held up again, and this pair now looks troubled again. The GBP/USD pair rose for part of the day, fell for the other, and in the end failed to move much. The pair looks a bit exhausted. In the end, we aren't ready to sell yet......and will look for support a little closer to the 1.60 level. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Franc and Yen April 26th // 25 April 2012

USD/CHF fell again for the session on Wednesday as the Federal Reserve has managed to confuse everyone. The pair looks bearish, but there is a de facto floor in it as the EUR/CHF is hovering so close to the 1.20 level. With this in mind, we are looking for potential buys......but don't see them yet. USD/JPY had a whippy session, actually breaking out above the down trending channel for some part of the session. However, the day ended up fairly unchanged, leaving us with a doji. Selling is going to be hard as there are so many support levels below - so we are hoping for a nice break higher which would be a buy signal on several different fronts. Play video >>

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