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Dollar Versus Loonie and Yen March 26th // 24 March 2012

USD/CAD rose above the parity level yet again, and yet again was repelled by the bears. Turns out the 200 day EMA is there as well. The pair looks ready to continue to fall back to the bottom of consolidation. The USD/JPY pair fell, but managed to bounce from the 50% Fibonacci retracement level in order to continue a bullish tone. The Bank of Japan isn't anywhere near done with JGB purchases, and as a result we see a lot more Yen flooding the markets soon. Play video >>

March 26th Long-Term Charts // 23 March 2012

EUR/USD formed a hammer, and looks like the pair is ready to continue higher.....however, the 1.35 level will more than likely continue to press the pair back down and the continuing issues in Europe should take over again. The EUR/GBP pair continued to bounce around in between the 0.83 and 0.84 levels. The pair is stuck, and as long as this is the case, we cannot find a longer term trade. The USD/CAD pair continues to struggle at the parity level, and looks heavy at this point. This is especially true with the shooting star that formed on Friday. The USD/JPY pair fell during the past week, but bounce from the 50% Fibonacci level suggests that we are ready to continue to assault the 85 level. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Yen and Franc March 23rd // 22 March 2012

USD/JPY fell hard for the session as the fears of a Chinese slowdown had a massive effect on this pair. The Yen has been sold off far too hard lately, and in our opinion - this is a very healthy and needed pullback. The USD/CHF pair gained for the session as the 0.91 support level holds again. The next move very well could be up - but this pair will be choppy. Play video >>

Euro Versus Dollar and Pound March 23rd // 22 March 2012

EUR/USD fell for most of the day as the worries of a slowdown in manufacturing in the EU plagued the pair. The "risk off" trade came back for most of the session, and this had FX traders running towards the Dollar. The EUR/GBP pair acted much in the same way as the EUR/USD pair, but also had the added benefit of the 0.83 support level being just below. Because of this - we formed a hammer in this pair as well. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Franc and Aussie March 22nd // 21 March 2012

USD/CHF fell for part of the session, but ended the day on Wednesday in a positive manner, forming a bit of a hammer-ish type of candle. The 0.91 level acted as support again, and is the start of a massive level going all the way down to the recent lows. Because of this, any move higher is a buy signal. The AUD/USD pair fell during the session on Wednesday, but has found a bit of support at the 1.04 handle. This was the spot of a massive breakout a few months ago........should be supportive now. Play video >>

Euro Versus Dollar and Pound March 22nd // 21 March 2012

EUR/USD fell during the session as the bond yields in Spain spiked during the day. The pair is running into the 1.3250 level as resistance, and as a result we like selling this pair on a break of the bottom of the day's range. The EUR/GBP pair looks weak as well, but the support at the 0.83 level is a massive hurdle to break through. We like selling, but not until we get down there. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Aussie and Kiwi March 21st // 20 March 2012

AUD/USD fell hard during the Tuesday session as an exec from BHP Billiton mentioned weakening demand by Chinese companies for hard commodities. This of course spooked the commodities markets and the "Com Dolls" all fell as a result. The 1.04 looks like a massive support zone though. The NZD/USD followed the Aussie, but bounced a bit more in the end. The 0.80 level is crucial going forward, and as long as we are above it - there is a overall uptrend intact. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Euro and Yen March 21st // 20 March 2012

EUR/USD fell for much of the Tuesday session, only to turn it around in the end. The 1.3250 level is just above, and it looks resistive to say the least. The pair could gain form here, but will eventually have to contend with the 1.35 level.....a place that we think it won't have much success against. The USD/JPY pair rose on Tuesday as the hammer from the Monday session got broken above - triggering bullish momentum. The pair looks destined to reach 85 before it is all said and done. Play video >>

Euro Versus Dollar and Pound March 20th // 19 March 2012

EUR/USD had a bullish session on Monday as the market continued to breathe a sigh of relief after the Greeks got their bailout situated. However, the move is now running into the 1.3250 level, an area that has been resistive several times in the recent past. The pair will have plenty to worry about soon, as the market will start to look at Portugal.... The EUR/GBP pair formed a hammer at the 0.83 level for the third time out of four sessions. The other session was a shooting star, but being outnumbered 3-1 suggests that the risk could be to the upside. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Yen and Loonie March 20th // 19 March 2012

USD/JPY fell for most of the day on Monday, but formed a hammer off of the 83 handle. Because of this, it looks like we are going to head towards the 85 handle is relatively short order. The USD/CAD fell on Monday as the oil markets rose. However, there are several support levels just below, and this makes this a short- but only for the very patient. For our money, there are easier trades, such as the other one in this video! Play video >>

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