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Dollar Versus Loonie and Franc February 7th // 06 Feb. 2012

The USD/CAD has formed a shooting star at the bottom of a downward plunge, always a bearish sign. Of course, there is the little issue of massive support areas extending down to the 0.9750 level. This pair could produce bearish action - but it will be choppy at best. The USD/CHF pair is being indirectly controlled by the happenings in the EUR/CHF pair. The Swiss are going to have to intervene against the value of the Franc soon, and it will bleed over into this market. Because of this, we are not willing to buy the Franc in any pair currently - this one included. Play video >>

Euro Versus Dollar and Franc February 7th // 06 Feb. 2012

EUR/USD fell for most of the session on Monday, but as the Americans tend to do - they bid up the common currency once the Europeans went home. The pair currently sits in a tight range, and is undoubtedly making a lot of traders frustrated to say the least. EUR/CHF currently hovers a little bit above the world's most obvious support level - the 1.20 line. The Swiss National Bank is going to defend this level, and we believe it will be soon as the market looks dead set on testing their resolve. Play video >>

Yen Versus Dollar and Euro February 6th // 04 Feb. 2012

USD/JPY shot straight up after the ultra positive Non-Farm Payroll numbers from Friday. The pair is being supported by the Bank of Japan, and as a result we feel the pair should only be bought - but not here. The EUR/JPY pair was very strong as the 100 level held as support. The Yen looks weak overall, and as a result we feel this pair could continue to rise. Of course, there hasn't been a negative headline in the EU for a few days - which means it is overdue. Play video >>

Aussie Versus Dollar and Euro February 6th // 04 Feb. 2012

AUD/USD rose again for the Friday session, and managed to reach over the top of the shooting star from the Thursday session after a stronger than expected Non-Farm Payroll report came out. The pair looks like a buy, but a pullback would make doing so much easier at this point. EUR/AUD had been consolidating recently, but a busted hammer and a move below the 1.22 level looks to continue the fall in this pair. Makes sense - which would you rather own: the Aussie, or the Euro? Play video >>

February 6th Long-Term Charts // 04 Feb. 2012

USD/CHF had a slightly bullish week, but it ended up forming a shooting star at the bottom of the recent decline. The market is sitting on massive support though. The 0.90 level will have to be broken in order for the bears to fully take control. AUD/USD is climbing yet again. The 1.0750 - 1.08 level has been a top recently, but the last five sessions do look very supportive. The pair should continue to give the Aussie a lift as the Fed kills the USD. However, a pullback would be nice! The USD/CAD has fallen and closed towards the bottom of the range. The biggest problem is the fact that there are several support levels below.... Play video >>

Pound Versus Dollar and Euro February 3rd // 02 Feb. 2012

GBP/USD fell during the Thursday session as the pair drifted lower. The 1.58 level has held as support, and it looks like we are entering a very tight range. However, the pair is very overbought - this video shows where we are willing to sell. EUR/GBP rose during the session, but there is a clear place to look for sell orders. We are very bearish of this pair at the moment, and are simply waiting for our signal. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Yen and Franc February 3rd // 02 Feb. 2012

USD/JPY fell again on Thursday, but has formed another hammer shaped candle. The Bank of Japan is starting to complain, and we think it is only a matter of time...... USD/CHF has gained during the Thursday session, but gave up a lot of the games. Looking at the candles, you would think that the pair is about to fall apart. However, we think that is highly unlikely. Play video >>

Euro Versus Franc and Dollar February 2nd // 01 Feb. 2012

EUR/CHF rose slightly on Wednesday, bouncing from ultra-low levels. The 1.20 level is just below, and the entire world knows that the Swiss National Bank will get involved if this market falls below it. Because of that, you can only buy if you need to get involved. EUR/USD rose against the Dollar as well. However, the 1.32 and 1.31 levels seem to have this market in a a bit of a squeeze, and with Non-Farm Payroll coming up tomorrow, it is difficult to see this pair breaking out. Of course, it is Europe - which means headlines could come out to move it... Play video >>

Dollar Versus Yen and Franc February 2nd // 01 Feb. 2012

USD/JPY fell again on Wednesday as the trading community continues to push its luck with the Bank of Japan. The area that the pair currently trades in is exactly where we would expect the BoJ to be interested in intervention again. Also - there is that bit about two hammers in a row. USD/CHF fell on Wednesday, but still sits just above the 0.90 - 0.91 level. The area is massive support and continues to look strong. However, the pair hasn't given us a supportive candle to buy yet.... Play video >>

Dollar Versus Loonie and Pound February 1st // 31 Jan. 2012

USD/CAD fell during the session on as the oil markets continue to go back and forth. The parity level continues to cause reactions in price, and this area should be one to watch. However.....there is mass confusion in this pair. GBP/USD shot straight up to the 1.58 level on Tuesday, only to pullback before the session closed. The area has been massive resistance over the last several months, and the level is one to watch in general. If we get above it - we could go much higher. However.....there is a good chance 1.55 is hit before? Play video >>

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