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Dollar Versus Pound and Yen September 6th // 05 Sept. 2012

GBP/USD had a volatile session on Wednesday, failing to decisively break above the 1.59 level. However, we think this pair is still bullish, and we are simply seeing a bit of accumulation before the next move higher. There are things to watch from the downside though. The USD/JPY formed a small hammer on Wednesday, and looks likely to bounce again. The current area seems to be solid, and the Bank of Japan is more than likely involved. Because of this, we are only buying this pair at the moment. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Kiwi and Aussie September 6th // 05 Sept. 2012

NZD/USD pair fell during much of the session, but got a bit of a bounce in order to not only form a hammer, but also close positive. However, the vicinity above looks daunting, and the bulls will more than likely find their hands full at this point. The AUD/USD pair formed an even more attractive hammer. This looks like a bounce waiting to happen, but the reality is that there are plenty of reasons to be selling now. We will be fading the rallies as they show signs of fatigue. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Loonie and Euro September 5th // 04 Sept. 2012

USD/CAD fell during the session, but did get a bit of a bounce in the end. The candle looks somewhat like a hammer, and is just above massive support at the 0.98 handle. In fact, this is the bottom of a much larger consolidation zone that goes all the way to the 1.04 level. Because of this, we are very interested in where the next 100 pips lead us. The EUR/USD pair failed to break above the 1.26 level again on Tuesday, and now looks vulnerable. The Mario Draghi speech later today could cause a lot of volatility, and as such we are interested in shorting this pair as long as we stay under the vital 1.27 level. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Yen and Pound September 5th // 04 Sept. 2012

USD/JPY pair rose slightly during the session on Tuesday, triggering a move higher based upon the hammer from the Monday. This continues to confirm that the general area that we are in at the moment is supportive. We like this pair - but only for the short term at this point. The GBP/USD pair tried to rally higher during the session on Tuesday but failed at the end of the day. The resulting candle was a shooting star, and looks likely to pullback. However, over the totality of the move, we think this is just a simple pullback. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Pound and Aussie September 4th // 03 Sept. 2012

GBP/USD rose again during the Monday session as the Pound continues to show real strength. The pair looks very healthy, and based upon the ascending triangle that we have recently broken out of - this pair should run to the 1.63 level before it is all said and done. The AUD/USD pair fell on Monday, but gained back half of its losses by the close of business. The hammer is based upon the 1.0250 level, and looks to be at the very bottom of support. If we can break the bottom of the Monday lows - this pair sees parity in short order. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Loonie and Yen September 4th // 03 Sept. 2012

USD/CAD had a fairly quiet day as the Americans celebrated Labor Day. This is significant because most of the volume in this pair comes out of North America. With this in mind, the lack of action isn't a surprise. We are currently looking to see if the 0.98 level offers a bounce in order to continue consolidation. The USD/JPY pair was quiet as well. We are still in the region that we suggested could be very supportive, and the Bank of Japan is certainly paying attention. Because of this, we are buying this pair on signs of support, but in small increments. Play video >>

Yen Versus Dollar and Pound September 3rd // 02 Sept. 2012

USD/JPY fell on Friday, but managed a bit of a bounce from the lows in order to form a nice hammer. This candlestick does look supportive, and we believe the area in general looks supportive at this point. The 78 to 78.75 level is an area that we are interesting in buying as the Bank of Japan looks set on defending the 78 handle. The GBP/JPY pair had a positive but volatile session on Friday to continue to show the 124 level as supportive. We are interesting in going long this pair as well, as the Pound looks strong in general. However, getting over the 125 level would be a big help first. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Pound and Euro September 3rd // 02 Sept. 2012

GBP/USD continues to look bullish as the 1.58 level holds. The breakout seems to have been confirmed, and as the Bank of England looks to sit still while the Federal Reserve is expected to start buying Treasuries again, this pair should continue higher. The EUR/USD pair saw a significant sell off late on Friday as the pair formed a shooting star for the session, and the week. Because of this, we think the Euro is about to roll over again. In fact, it is long overdue if you think about it. Play video >>

September 3rd Long-Term Forex Charts // 02 Sept. 2012

EUR/USD rose during most of the week, but gave back quite a bit on Friday in order to form a shooting star. The shooting star made it all the way up to the 50% Fibonacci retrace, and as a result it looks a bit vulnerable at this point in time. Under 1.24, things get ugly quick. The GBP/USD pair has recently broken out above the all-important 1.58 level. This past week saw this pair confirm the support at that general vicinity, and now looks set to continue higher. The USD/CAD is testing the bottom of a massive consolidation area in the form of 0.98, and looks like it is trying to find a reason to bounce at this point. The oil markets will be key as usual, but a move higher isn't exactly a stretch at this point. Play video >>

Euro Versus Yen and Pound August 31st // 30 Aug. 2012

EUR/JPY fell again on Thursday. However, just as it has so many times now - it found a bounce at the 98 handle. The level looks very supportive, and as a result many would be tempted to go long. However, the noise from here to 101 is simply far too much for us to be comfortable. The EUR/GBP pair fell during much of the session, but bounced in order to remain above the 0.79 level. This area is currently acting as a temporary support level, and because of this we are waiting to see a break down. Much like the EUR/JPY pair - there is a lot of noise above so we don't like going long until we reach the 0.8150 level. Play video >>

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