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Yen Versus Dollar and Aussie August 24th // 23 Aug. 2012

USD/JPY fell most of the session, but bounced a bit on Thursday in order to have a fairly flat session. The pair is currently grinding away in the massive 78 - 78.75 support zone, and as a result it looks like a pair that could be bought for a short term trade on bullish action. The AUD/JPY pair fell during the same session as the Australian dollar was hit against most currencies due to worsening Chinese economic numbers. A slowdown in China is very bad for the Aussies, and this pair showed that in spades for the session. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Euro and Aussie August 24th // 23 Aug. 2012

EUR/USD had another bullish session on Thursday as the "risk on" trade continued for the Euro. However, we are looking at a rather resistive area all the way to the 1.27 level, and as a result we could see a bit of a pullback at this point. The AUD/USD pair fell hard on Thursday, stopping at the trend line that has been so supportive over the last several weeks. The area that we are at right now is a vital one, and the next 24 hours should be rather important. As long as the trend line holds, we have to avoid shorts. However, if the trend line gives way - we should see 1.03 before it is all said and done. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Pound and Yen August 23rd // 22 Aug. 2012

GBP/USD finally broke out above the 1.58 handle on Wednesday. With this move, the cable looks as if it is ready to continue higher, possibly even as high as 1.63 or so based upon the ascending triangle that finally broke. As for selling - there is no possibility at this point. The USD/JPY pair fell as the minutes were released. However, there is a massive cluster of support just above the 78 handle, and as a result we saw a little bit of a bounce late in the day. Because of the Bank of Japan, we can only buy this pair - and at this point in time we are waiting for our signal to do so. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Loonie and Euro August 23rd // 22 Aug. 2012

USD/CAD had a bullish session, but once the Federal Reserve minutes were released it turned around. As the FMOC look like it has plenty of members willing to ease if the economy worsens, the Dollar got beat up a bit. However, this pair looks messy at the moment, and consolidation may be the next move. The EUR/USD pair shot straight up after the minutes were released, but the pair remains stuck in the rising wedge at the moment. Also, there is a lot of noise all of the way to the 1.27 level. Because of this, we are avoiding longs at this point, but would fancy a sell signal should it appear in this vicinity. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Loonie and Aussie August 22nd // 21 Aug. 2012

USD/CAD found itself falling again during the Tuesday session, but bounced late in the day in order to form a hammer that is based around the 0.99 level. The oil markets look a bit fatigued as well, so this could in fact work against the value of the CAD overall. In this scenario, we see a short-term opportunity in this pair to buy. The AUD/USD pair had a strong day originally, but failed at the 1.05 level again. This area has been a thorn in the side of bulls, and it looks a bit suspicious at this point. We are sitting on support in the form of a bullish channel though, so today should be an important day for this pair. Play video >>

Euro Versus Dollar and Aussie August 22nd // 21 Aug. 2012

EUR/USD had a very positive session on Tuesday, but failed to get over the 1.25 level. This area that the market stopped at is the next major hurdle for the buyers to get over, and we are currently seeing at least two reasons for resistance to take over. Also, there is that whole pesky Federal Reserve Minutes thing being released today..... The EUR/AUD pair broke out to the upside to get over the 1.19 level. This was impressive, but the trend is still down. Something tells me we will be shorting it fairly soon. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Loonie and Aussie August 21st // 20 Aug. 2012

USD/CAD had a fairly flat session on Monday, but the oil markets suggested that they are about to surge higher again. This should drive this pair lower, perhaps to the 0.97 handle as the tensions in the Middle East continue to push prices up. This pair looks set for a fall, but it should be a "grind" rather than a free fall. The AUD/USD pair saw a slight rise in price on Monday, but gave back much of the gains. However, the gold markets look ready to break out, and if they do - this pair continues much higher. This pair also features a nice channel, and it looks as if the support is just below. Play video >>

Euro Versus Dollar and Yen August 21st // 20 Aug. 2012

EUR/USD fell for much of the session, but managed to bounce in order to form a hammer just above the 1.23 level. This area looks as if it wants to act as support, and the uptrend line from the rising wedge certainly isn't hurting anything. The 1.25 zone above looks like it might be too much for this pair though. The EUR/JPY pair did much the same, but the support looks temporary at best. The 100 handle should be massive resistive, and we need to see a move below the rising trend line in order to start selling this market. Play video >>

Yen Versus Dollar and Franc August 20th // 18 Aug. 2012

USD/JPY had yet another bullish session on Friday as the market continues to climb. The pair seems intent on running to the 80 handle, but we feel that this pair has to pullback in order to get involved. However, with the Bank of Japan lurking, we don't dare sell and have to wait for buy signals. The CHF/JPY pair rose in value during the Friday session, but pulled back late in the day in order to form a shooting star. This candle formation suggests to us that we are heading into resistance - resistance that this pair won't be able to overcome easily. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Euro and Pound August 20th // 18 Aug. 2012

EUR/USD fell during most of the session on Friday, but did manage to bounce back off of the uptrend line in the rising wedge to form a hammer. This suggests that perhaps the Euro isn't quite ready to roll over, although we suspect it will fairly soon. The GBP/USD pair fell during the session, failing to get above the 1.58 level again. However, the lows are getting higher, and it has to be said that the tenacity of the bulls is quite impressive. This pair will break out sooner or later we believe. Play video >>

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