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Picking profitable trades is only one half of the equation. You need to properly manage your fund in order to minimise risk and maximise potential bank role growth.

Dollar Versus Euro and Franc February 22nd // 21 Feb. 2012

EUR/USD rose in reaction to the Greeks getting their bailout as the "risk on" trade came back. The USD/CHF pair is often thought of an the inverse of EUR/USD. Read more >>

Dollar Versus Yen and Aussie February 22nd // 21 Feb. 2012

The USD/JPY pair continues to push towards the 80 level as the Bank of Japan's announcement of extended bond purchases weakens the Yen overall. The pair will face stiff resistance, but the area is one of the biggest areas on any FX chart. The longer-term trend could be decided as a result. The AUD/USD fell on Tuesday at the risk sentiment drifted a bit after the Greek bailout. The Aussie has closed the gap - and more. Read more >>

Etoro introduces CopyTrader // 28 June 2011

Etoro, one of the world’s leading FX platforms, has introduced CopyTrader the first social networking trading application. Copy trader lets you piggy back off the trades of the most successful eToro traders. Read more >>

Kelly Criteria and the FX Market - Part 2 // 12 April 2011

Part one of this series on how to apply Kelly Criteria should have given you a background on how the formula works. Applying it to the FX market is a little more complicated as in most cases you don’t lose your entire amount waged as in the example in article one. However, it’s not too difficult to apply the formula to the FX market. Read more >>

Kelly Criteria and the FX Market - Part 1 // 12 April 2011

Assume for a moment that you have a magic coin and only you knew of its magical properties. This magical coin comes up heads 60% of the time and tails 40% of the time. Armed with this information, and your magical coin, you could expect to make some decent amounts off your friends. Read more >>

What time charts are best for trading? // 12 April 2011

Most FX trading platforms allow you to look at tick, 1 minute, 5 minute, 10 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week date in real time. If you’re FX trading platform does not allow you to do this move to another one! The time frame you trade is really up to personal choice according to your risk profile. Read more >>

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