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In this section we explain how economic fundamentals indicators, such as interest rates, influence FX rates.

The Basics of Fundamental Analysis // 19 April 2013

Find out what fundamental analysis is and how it differs from technical analysis. Read more >>

2 Harmful Myths About Automated Trading // 21 March 2013

Automated traders or bots have a place in the market. The only thing is that these bots are surrounded by myths that could harm the chances of success of any budding trader, so let us get those out of the way. Read more >>

Trading Tips: Trading the EUR/USD // 18 March 2013

Since its introduction in 1989, the currency pair of the euro and the US dollar (EUR/USD), has become one of the most popular pairs among traders of different levels of experience. Find out why it's popular and how you can win by trading the EUR/USD. Read more >>

FX Basics: Currency Pairs // 05 March 2013

Probably one of the most common terms you will encounter when it comes to fx, and one that you will often refer to, is the currency pair. Understanding how it works, thus, should be one of the first few things that you should do if you are new to investing in the foreign exchange market. In this article, we will introduce you to currency pairs, including how they work and what their significance is to the market. Ready? Let’s get started. Read more >>

FX Strategy Insights // 19 April 2012

John Taylor is the CEO and Chairman of a hedge fund firm called FX Concepts which he founded in 1981. FX Concepts manages currencies and FX exposures for institutional clients through both overlay and absolute return strategies. Read more >>

Big Trouble in Little China // 01 April 2012

Recently China reported a larger than expected trade deficit – the numbers weren’t pretty. Exports grew by only 6.9% compared with 14.3% back in the December quarter while imports grew at 7.7%, down from 20.7% in the December quarter. Read more >>

USD finding its feet // 25 March 2012

As promised in last week’s article in reference to macro factors such as the potential for correlation between a nation’s strengthening economy and a corresponding strengthening currency - this week we turn our attention to the positive news flow recently out of the USA and the corresponding strengthening USD. Read more >>

Beginners Guide to FX // 12 March 2012

Here at FX Strategy we aim to bring you the latest news and FX strategy from all corners of the globe. Opportunities present themselves in all sorts of places and in all sorts of ways so we believe it is important to be on top of everything. Read more >>

China’s Rising Wage Costs // 11 March 2012

Recently we discussed with readers some of the issue facing Australia and the lofty AUD FX rate -in particular we highlighted the rising cost of living in Australia. Click here if you need to refresh your memory or missed it. Read more >>

Swiss Bank Intervention? // 28 Feb. 2012

In a number of videos over the past 3 months we have looked at the EUR/CHF with a view to possible upside in that cross pair due to Swiss National Bank (SNB) intervention. Read more >>

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