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FX News - June 30, 2014: AUD/USD Dips, GBP/USD Gains // 30 June 2014

Soft economic data dragged the AUD/USD pair below the 0.9400 area prior to the opening of today’s European session. Meanwhile, the GBP/USD pair is currently testing the 1.7050 area after a shaky Monday morning in Europe. Read more >>

Important Events This Week June 30-July 4, 2014 // 29 June 2014

The week will be filled with many events, but only a few will have quite a significant impact to the market. We list them in this post. Read more >>

FX News - June 27 2014: Majors Take Advantage of Weak USD // 27 June 2014

The AUD/USD pair returned to the 0.9400 level today mainly due to the weakened greenback. Read more >>

FX News - June 25 2014: AUD/USD Slides Under 0.94 // 25 June 2014

The AUD/USD pair is heading towards a steady slide in today’s Asian session ahead of RBA Deputy Governor Philip Lowe’s speech, and a number of releases in the United States later today. Read more >>

FX News - June 24, 2014: EUR/USD Climbs in US Session // 24 June 2014

The EUR/USD pair is climbing early in today’s US session in a morning filled with events. Read more >>

FX News - June 23, 2014: AUD/USD Jumps to 0.9440 on Positive Chinese PMI // 23 June 2014

China’s HSBC Manufacturing PMI in June came out better than expected, which helped boost the AUD/USD early in today’s trading. Read more >>

Important Events This Week June 23-27, 2014 // 23 June 2014

The United States, United Kingdom, and Japan will be the focus of this week’s major events. We’ll fill you in with the details in this article. Read more >>

FX News - June 20 2014: Majors Continue to Rise Vs USD // 20 June 2014

The EUR/USD is on recovery mode early in today’s Asian session, after it slipped yesterday on strong US economic data. Read more >>

FX News - June 19 2014: USD Slips After Fed Event // 19 June 2014

The greenback slipped against several majors after the Federal Reserve revealed its decision to maintain its interest rate at 0.25 per cent, while at the same time cut its QE program by $10 billion. Read more >>

FX News - June 18 2014: Quiet Market Ahead of FOMC Event // 18 June 2014

The market is currently on a look and see mode as it awaits the BoE and FOMC events that will happen later today. Read more >>

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