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Dollar Versus Yen and Loonie October 16th // 15 Oct. 2012

USD/JPY pair rose during the session on Monday as the Dollar had a decent day overall. The 79.50 level still looks resistive, and as a result we are waiting for a move above the 80 level in order to get overly bullish. In the mean time, there is a clear range to play if you are a scalper. The USD/CAD pair did almost nothing, and continues to sit around the 0.98 level as we move sideways. This market will continue to be choppy, and as a result we are awaiting a break of either the 0.9950 level, or the 0.97 level. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Aussie and Kiwi October 16th // 15 Oct. 2012

AUD/USD bounced a bit off of the 1.02 level on Monday in order to continue to fight. The pair looks like it wants to find it's footing at this point, and as a result we are very interested in how it goes. A break above the 1.03 level has us very long until the 1.06 level. A break lower has us looking for parity. The NZD/USD pair bounced as well, and looks as it is going to continue to grind lower over time. We aren't ready to short it however, as the Kiwi is putting up a big fight. Play video >>

Pound Versus Euro and Dollar October 15th // 13 Oct. 2012

EUR/GBP tried to rally during the Friday session, but found itself far too stretched in order to continue higher. The resulting candle was a shooting star, and as a result we saw this pair show signs of weakness. As we are at the top of the consolidation area - this isn't a surprise. The GBP/USD pair had a slightly bullish session on Friday, but it was enough to convince us that the 1.60 level is offering strong support. With this in mind, we are buyers again, as we run towards the 1.63 handle. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Kiwi and Aussie October 15th // 13 Oct. 2012

NZD/USD rallied for much of the session on Friday, but gave up most of it's gains. The pair looks very vulnerable at this point, but there are simply far too many areas that could provide minor areas of support. Because of this, we are a bit leery about shorting this market. As for buying it - not likely. The AUD/USD pair looks like a better short in our opinion. The failed rally for the Friday session formed a shooting star for the second day in a row. This pair currently sits just above the 1.02 handle, and as such we are sellers below that mark. Play video >>

October 15th Long-Term Charts // 13 Oct. 2012

EUR/USD fell during the week as the "risk off" trade came into play. However, the candle for the week is a hammer. Adding to the confusion is the fact that the Friday candle is a shooting star, and the 1.30 level begins a 500 pip area of noise. Stay away. USD/CAD rallied a bit during the week, but the 0.98 level continues to hamper gains in this pair. In fact, this area has been both support and resistance, and as such we think this market is ready to fall again. Oil markets will more than likely be a huge factor. The GBP/USD pair fell this past week, but bounced off of the 1.60 level. The hammer that formed for the week looks supportive at this point in time is at the 50% Fibonacci retrace of the breakout move makes us look at this pair as strong. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Yen and Euro October 12th // 11 Oct. 2012

USD/JPY continues to grind away in the 78 vicinity. After forming a shooting star on Wednesday, the Thursday session saw a hammer formed that suggests we are going nowhere fast. Because of this, only selling straddles in the options market seems like a viable option. The EUR/USD pair saw real strength as we bounced off of a trend line on Thursday. There is a lot of noise above, so we are cautious, but it certainly looks like the buyers are in control at the moment. As long as this trend line holds - you can only go long.... Play video >>

Dollar Versus Pound and Kiwi October 12th // 11 Oct. 2012

GBP/USD found support at the 1.60 level on Thursday in order to suggest that the pair may be done pulling back. The pair is still bullish in our opinion, and as a result we are buyers of this market. The interest rate differential remains bullish, so the pair will over time.... NZD/USD looks a bit vulnerable at the moment. Not a major meltdown mind you, rather a pullback to about the 0.80 level. This is more than likely going to be a grind, so we aren't interested at the moment. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Loonie and Aussie October 11th // 10 Oct. 2012

The USD/CAD pair had a bullish session on Wednesday as the oil markets fell apart. This area we are trading in is resistance though, and as such it looks like we are "stuck" at the moment. We think that we need to see a move above the 0.9950 level in order to buy due to all of the noise. As for selling - a break of the 0.97 level would suffice. The AUD/USD pair is currently treading water at the 1.02 level, and it looks like a pair that is truly struggling. The pair should continue to suffer because of the larger economic forces out there, and as such we think we see parity soon. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Euro and Pound October 11th // 10 Oct. 2012

EUR/USD fell hard during the session as the Euro continues to suffer against the safe haven flow. The EU Finance Ministers seem to be doing nothing, and as a result the markets look ready to show their lack of patience. The pair is sitting on an important trend line at the moment as well..... The GBP/USD pair fell as well, but found a little bit of support at the 1.60 level. The area is one that we thought could be supportive, and it looks as if it is trying to be. Also, the 1.58 level below could also provide lift to this pair going forward. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Aussie and Yen October 10th // 09 Oct. 2012

The AUD/USD pair initially rallied during the session on Tuesday in order to rise above the 1.02 level. However, by the end of the day we saw a significant amount of push back from the sellers. The pair looks very vulnerable to the downside as the global growth story is starting to soften. The USD/JPY pair looks like it is currently very happy to bounce around the consolidation range between the 79 and 77.50 levels. The central banks of both economies look to weaken their currencies, so we so a range for the foreseeable future. Play video >>

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