Expert Trading System (EA)

An EA system in Forex trading stands for an Expert Advisor which is a robot or automatic or semi-automatic trading system. Generally these are based on technical indicators.

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Expert Trading System (EA) Articles

Types of Forex Software and Applications // 27 Feb. 2013

From online software to fx mobile software, there are a plethora of tools that make it easier for forex traders to buy, sell, and improve the level of intelligence they gain about the market . Software come in different forms, depending on each trader's goals. We will discuss some of the more popular types of forex software in the list below. Read more >>

EA Trading system // 22 May 2011

A FX EA is an expert trader, which is the terminology used for an automated trading system. There are 100s of EAs that can be obtained if you search hard enough. Some are free, some cost as little as $5 and some cost several thousands of dollars. Each EA FX system will interface with an online trading platform. Usually these systems are based on technical analysis indicators or chart patterns. Read more >>

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