Flag pattern

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Flag pattern Articles

Pennant Pattern // 11 May 2011

A pennant pattern is a continuation pattern that marks the continuation for the prevailing trend, after a brief pause. Read more >>

Flag pattern // 10 May 2011

Flag patterns are commonly used to indicate the continuation of the prevailing trend. Often they occur after sharp price again in one direction and represent a brief pause in momentum before the eventual continuation of the rally upwards or downwards. Read more >>

Flag pattern Video

Flag Pattern // 19 July 2011

One of the most commonly followed chart patterns is the flag pattern. The flag pattern is normally a resting phase of a longer running trend. The flag by its very definition is a continuation pattern, meaning that if the previous trend is up, the expected move is up. It also works in reverse as there are also inverse or “upside down” flags as well. Play video >>

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