Technical Analysis Indicators

We have summarised the major fx techncial analysis indicators that we believe are helpful in trading FX profitably. Many of them can be generated automatically using our FX Trading Platform others technical indicators will need to be created using excel or some other mechanism.

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Technical Analysis Indicators Articles

What’s a Head and Shoulders Pattern? // 16 April 2013

In technical analysis, you will often hear traders talk about the head and shoulders pattern. But what do they mean exactly when they talk about that? Read more >>

The Accumulation Swing Index (ASI) // 09 May 2011

The accumulated Swing Index is a complex trend/momentum indicator first developed in 1978 by J. Welles Wilder, Jr. It was developed for the futures market for stocks indexes, but we have made a number of modifications to the indicator to make it applicable to the FX market as well. Read more >>

Bollinger Bands // 05 May 2011

Bollinger bands are a popular technical analysis indicator that is helpful in tracking short-term momentum for a particular FX cross currency. They are also used in stock, commodity and index trading as well. Read more >>

William’s %R indicator FX trading // 18 April 2011

The Williams %R indicator is a well known momentum indicator that was created by Larry Williams. The aim of the indicator is to measure how close a cross currency is trading to its high over the past n number of days. The theory behind the indicator is that the closer a cross currency is to its high the more overbought it is. Conversely, the close to the low, the more oversold it is. Read more >>

MACD technical Indicator FX Trading // 17 April 2011

In this article we discuss the use of the MACD indicator in FX trading, for some practical examples of how the indicator works as well as a little more description on how the indicator works, please watch the video at the bottom of this article. Read more >>

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