August 20th Long-Term Forex Charts

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EUR/USD had a fairly positive week over the last five sessions, but did in fact pullback a bit to forma  candle that could be interpreted as a shooting star of sorts.

NZD/USD looks promising as the pullback has sat it right on top of significant support. The commodity markets should continue to get a bid as the central bank around the world look set to add to quantitative easing policies.

The AUD/USD isn't as bullish as the NZD/USD pair, but it has to be mentioned that we are currently sitting on top of the bottom line in an up trending channel. 1.04 looks very supportive at this point.

The USD/JPY pair had a fabulous week, closing at the very highs. Unfortunately, the 80 handle is far too close to go long at this point, but buying the pullbacks could be a strategy going forward.

Published on 18th of August 2012
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