February 13th Long-Term Charts

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GBP/USD poked through the 1.58 level during the week, but didn't manage to close above it. Also, it printed a shooting star at the level, and looks a bit on the weak side because of it.

The AUD/USD pair fell at the end of the week as the 1.08 level proved to be a bit too much for the pair to overtake. Also, the bullish run had been a bit parabolic, and as a result we will more than likely see a pullback at this point. We still like this pair.

USD/CHF continues to skirt around the 0.91 level, and looks like it is trying to find support at this area. The most likely move will be to the 0.95 level, and we are still constructive in this pair.

Published on 11th of February 2012
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