January 2nd Long-Term Charts

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EUR/USD has had another rough week, but still remains above the 1.29 level. The market looks very heavy, and the entire world is against the Euro at the moment. It is being sold off against many different currencies, and the Dollar is being bid up in general overall. With this in mind, it looks like only a matter of time before we see 1.25 or so.

USD/CAD formed a hammer for the week, right in the middle of the recent consolidation area. The pair has been grinding over the last several weeks, and the upside bias still seems somewhat intact going forward.

USD/JPY continues to show bearish pressure, but there is a floor in this pair - somewhere.....the Bank of Japan doesn't tell us, but we do know that 75.50 attracts a lot of chatter out of them.

Published on 30th of December 2011
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