July 30th Long-Term Charts

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EUR/USD had a very bullish week after Mario Draghi promised to do whatever it takes to make the Euro succeed. The one thing he forgot to mention: details. However, the pair did get a bit of a breather in the short term.

The USD/CAD pair fell hard for the week as well, as the oil markets are getting a bit of a bid. The pair crashed into a support area, and it looks as if we could struggle to go too much lower at this point. Parity is the key in this market.

The USD/JPY pair bounced perfectly off of the 78 handle. The hammer for the week certainly has our attention at this point in time. We think 80 should be visited very soon at this rate.

The AUD/USD shot straight up after it because obvious the central bankers around the world are ready to do more stimulus. This won't help the economies - but it certainly helps gold prices, and that in turn helps the Aussie.

Published on 28th of July 2012
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