June 11th Long-Term Charts

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EUR/USD gained during the past week, but it must be said that the shooting star doesn't exactly invite confidence. With the possibility of a bank bailout in Spain over the weekend, there could be fireworks. Greek elections next Sunday will keep a lid on rallies though.

The EUR/GBP pair formed a shooting star as well, and looks ready to reenter the 0.81 to 0.80 consolidation area.

The USD/CAD pair fell for the week, and essentially has undone the work from the week before. This shows just how hard it is going to be to breakout of the 1.04 resistance area. We still see support below though.

The AUD/USD pair was fairly strong during the week, and looks set to try to retake the parity level. We think there are far too many potential landmines for it to succeed though.

Published on 9th of June 2012
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